Sunday, August 26, 2012


When William was about 2.5 months, he started laughing.  I love it!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home Improvement

 Alright, so after the baby was born, it was time to start in on a few new projects.  Above is my first attempt at dehydrating.  Dave found this dehydrator while he was home on leave and I was so excited to finally find some time to use it.  I have since been super blessed to get an upgraded version for our anniversary that has opened a whole new world of whole foods at home!
 The above pictures is the wall in our hall.  I liked it, but I saw something on pinterest that I wanted to try out instead.  Below I have an empty soap spot on the sink.  My sister in law was replacing her faucets and her new faucet set came with a soap dispenser... so I took hers and installed it into our sink!  I love it!!

 Below is my progression of the hallway wall.  Here is the frame I built myself.
 I traded out the photo frames.
 Painted the big frame.  Added some fabric I had just lying around and here is the finished project!
I am SO not a crafty person so I was super excited by the end result.  This isn't exactly how I pictured it in my head, but this turned out so beautiful and I love it!

Friday, August 24, 2012

2.5 Months

 Here is William at 2.5 Months.  He is so cute and fun!  He was smiling so much then!

Such a cute Haylee with William again.  I can't believe looking back on these pictures how much he has grown now!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weather Changes

 March is just one of those months here in AZ.  March 14th, I took the kids swimming with cousins.  March 19th, I took the kids about 40 minutes up the road with a friend to play in the snow.  This was William's first time seeing snow and swimming!
 Can you believe how beautiful Haylee is growing up to be?
It was great fun to get out and enjoy some swimming and snow!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Doesnt Kill ya Makes ya Stronger!

Yeah I know, lame, but Kelly Clarkson's song really gets to me these days.  Again, I am MONTHS behind on blogging and so much has changed over the last few months.  So I will give you a quick rundown and hope that I can eventually catch up on blogging... one day.  My computer crashed, making blogging very difficult.  
So here is the latest...Dave made it home!  We both got our NASM personal training license and we opened a personal training company.  In addition, we are going back to school... again.  On the plus side, I love school so this works for me!  William is keeping us busy.  7.5 months going on 18 months!  I swear this boy has hit every milestone MONTHS before our previous "fast" child.  He is still a horrible sleeper, so most days are spend exhausted, but he is the best baby ever.  Our other 4 children have all started school this year.  Haylee is starting orchestra and playing the cello.  She also started piano lessons.  Trent started sparring recently and is testing for his blue belt in karate in a few weeks.  Logan recently started flag football and just loves being a guys guy.  And Laycee is not participating in any activities right now but she LOVES to decorate our house with her never ending art creations.  So... thats the quick rundown, more details to come!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rennaisance Festival

So in February, The Rennaisance Festival comes around.  Here are some of the highlights from that trip.  My mom rented these cute outfits for the girls.  My boys were so not wanting to join in on that great fun!  Just to say, I LOVE this cute little hat on baby William.