Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Shirts

I ordered some of the cutest shirts from Jessica's ETSY Shop. It is a place to sell your homemade goods. Anyway, she made the most adorable shirts, and I couldn't resist! Laycee and Logan looked ADORABLE in them! You can also take a closer look at them on her BLOG.

Baseball- Thursday and Friday

Haylee and Trent had a baseball game on Thursday and Friday. Thursday's game was Trent's second game of the season. I forgot the camera on the first game. He did a pretty good job. The kids are not really sure what is going on, but Trent is serious and focused and seems to have a lot of fun.

Haylee's game was on Friday. This was her first game since last weeks got rained out. It has been raining so much here. I think we have had less than 5 days of sun in the last month. Anyway, her age group seems to get the hang of the game, but there are so many kids playing that they all have to fight for the ball and we all know she likes the action. We were early to the game, so we walked over to Nancy's house and played for a while first.

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Monday, April 21, 2008


Boy, do my children know a lot about flags. I would like to relay this conversation we had about flags tonight.
(Haylee was holding a minature Italian Flag)
Haylee- Look mom, that flag looks like the one I am holding. You know the French flag (lol)
Me- No Haylee that is the Italian flag.
Haylee- Oh yeah, the French flag is almost the same only with blue.
Me- You are so smart (I had to google it to make sure she was correct!!)
Haylee- I know what the china flag looks like.
Me- You do?
Haylee- Yeah it is all red with a yellow picture.
Trent- What about the American Flag?
Haylee- It is red, white and blue, with white stars.
Trent- I know a new flag, from Kuwait (Whoa buddy, where did this come from?). It is blue and yellow.
Okay, so the Kuwait flag is not blue and yellow, but I was blown out of the water that he knew there was a flag for Kuwait! And I couldn't believe how much detail Haylee gave me. I thought it was funny though that she told me she was holding the French flag, but then proceeded to tell me exactly what the French flag looked like lol. So the conversation continued on, but I wanted to just share a little bit of the hightlights of it. I was amazed and laughing because they just learn so much.


It was monthly family night at Colleen and Tony's house, one last time before they head back to Colorado :( It was a nice time. So we started with dinner.
The babies just wanted to play.

Then we had a lesson. It was cool because he burned a tea bag and it flew in the air!
Trent hid in the corner the whole time.

Logan smoozed Matt. I think he misses Dave, can you tell?

We played a little pictionary, kid style.
The babies played some more. They LOVE this toy. Colleen being so sweet gave it to me because they are moving and she knew how much Logan loved it. We have a lot of toys, but I know he will get good use out of this one.

Over all it was a great time to get together. Relax with one another and receive a little spiritual upliftment at the same time. Dave's family does this once a month too, so it is nice to be able to continue on the habit with those that are as close to family as we will come.


The other night Amanda was craving sushi (she is 36 weeks preggo, so she can do that). She knew we really liked it, so she came over and she showed me how to make sushi. It was so good. We made it with avacado, cucumber, and crab and all the different combinations of each.
Logan wouldn't even try it.
Laycee ate one half of one but after that wouldn't even open her mouth for more.
And of course Haylee (Not pictured) loved it. She really likes sushi. Trent wouldn't eat any, but he did have the stomach flu, so that is understandable. It turned out so good that I went to buy supplies to make it on my own the next day. Can you guess what is for dinner tonight?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Breakfast-- Crafts

This morning, Julie, Taylor, Gavin, Charlie, Jessie, Nancy, and Jaron (basically the husband less families) came over to have breakfast and watch Juno. While Juno was downloading, we jammed out to a little Guitar Hero 3 at which Nancy ROCKED!

This is Jessie and Haylee in their PJs.
And then this afternoon, I felt like finally getting around to this project. This is what they looked like before.
And this is after. I am debating whether I want to go to the hassle of doing the letters or not though. (They are still drying here, so when I put them on the wall I will post another picture, but I have to find the hammer first.)

And they call this working?

Dave is gone TDY again and he sent this picture to me today and of course I couldn't resist putting it on here. He said, "Here is a picture for you of me working. I was just trying to let off some steam." He has been working from 5am to midnight and I guess is getting a little tired of it. I think he is becoming delirious if he thinks those go in there!

Book Review

It has been a while since I have done my book reviews, so since I just took another trip to the library, I suppose I should get on that. So, if you are a reader, this is what I have been reading lately.

Daughters of the Moon Series by Lynne Ewing

There are 13 books in this series of which the 13th was only recently released. Anyway, they follow the lives of 4 main characters who are teenage girls struggling with normal life, but who also have special talents that help them fight the evil force trying to take over the world. It was a rather intriguing series. I liked the ideas and the symbolism as well as greek god history lesson. However, I was a little less than impressed with the writing. It was a very easy read, but I suppose since I read them so close together that I was tired of reading the recap in each book. I mean, it would be great if you spread the books out over the course of time, but I was reading about 1 every day and a half. She basically says the first 2-3 chapters as recap word for word from previous books. There are a few in the series that are fantastic though! I loved 1, 5-7, and 11-13. 10 was cool, but a little difficult for me to read because I am not too much into historical settings. The books are best read as a series, but because she recaps word for word, you could really pick up where ever you want and enjoy the books, you just would miss out on some of the bigger plot. So, if you are bored and want a new book to read, I would recommend this easy to read series, however, it wouldn't be my first pick.

Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult

I am a fan of Jodi Piccoult. She generally writes about the moral ethics surrounding difficult medical decisions. This books took a slight twist to that by adding a legal plot to the story. The books tells a story of a death row inmate seeking to give his heart to the daughter of the man he was accused of killing. The book also delves into the mysteries of religion and how we create our views of life and death. I really enjoyed reading this. It was a little different than I expected it to be, but I was fascinated by the idea of organ donation upon completion of a death penalty. It was an easy read book but it took a little more thinking that I had time for while reading this book. I find it much easier to read when Dave is gone than when he is home, and he was home while I was reading this. But I would highly recommend this as one of your top 5 on your next library visit. Just be prepared to really look at what you believe and what you think is ethically and spiritual correct.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Theories of Trent

This was our latest conversation:

Trent- Dad's coming home right?
Me- Not today, next weekend.

Trent- Why are you cleaning then?

**Apparently I only clean the day before Dave comes home lol.

Our Other Conversation
Trent- Look what I found (as he crawled between the couch and computer desk)
Me- That belongs in the garbage
Trent- Back here is the garbage? (giggle)

Where does he think this stuff up?

Big Helpers

Dave is gone again and yesterday I was wanting to finish what I was doing, so I asked Haylee to go in and keep the babies happy until I could get them up. Of course that meant Trent had to go as well. And when it was arather noisy in there, I became curious what was going on, so I went in and found 4 kids having a good old time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5k- Saturday

This past Saturday was the monthly post fun walk/run 5K race. This month Julie convinced me to run it so I did. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures as a result, but Julie, Pam, and Nancy walked with the kids and helped me catch a few photos of the race. I was happy to finish at 32 min 7 sec. Haylee finished at 52 minutes. Trent kind of played jump ahead on the second lap, so he finished in 38 minutes. BUt I was proud of him because he ran almost the whole first lap (so 2.5 K).

Me Running (above)

Trent and Bob running (below)

Trents new tee from the race

Haylee's finish
Laycee's favorite thing about the race (bananas)
Logan's lovin them too
After the race, we went to have a picnic. We have made a monthly branch activity out of these races since the branch is so small and almost everyone comes because there is nothing else to do on post. Anyway, at the picnic, Jaron and Logan really got into sharing!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Day

I was just taking random pictures today of all the kids to show the kind of things we are doing while they are on spring break. So here is a sample of our activities on the one day we stayed at home in our PJs.
Making Funny Faces

Reading Books

Watching Ninja Turtles on the Computer
Watching Chronicals of Narnia on the laptop
Mom and Dad playing the Sims 2

Making a Huge mess at lunch

Playing our newest Wii game-- Guitar Hero 3

Screaming bloody murder because she (Laycee) got herself stuck in the bathroom alone! This is my favorite picture and not such an uncommon situation these days.