Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4th of July

For the 4th, we were pretty antsy.  July was an antsy month for us actually.  Dave was expected to come home mid month some time for good!  We were nervous about the change but super excited to be having him home.  We had to make it through a few more celebrations though.  First being the 4th.  We got together with some of the people in the neighborhood earlier in the week and did some fireworks.  It was so fun!

 We went swimming.
 And played

 And then went to Nana's for a 4th celebration.
 William and Nana
 Haylee and Trent

 We walked to the open area in my mom's subdivision and watched the fireworks from the local farm.
It was a great night and day closer to Dave coming home.  This was the last 4th we would have to spend without him I hope.  2008 was the last 4th we spent with him, so this was a big milestone in our lives.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Days

Here is William in his jumperoo (which he hates but I got a good picture).  5 months old
 Laycee plays house with everyone.  Since the baby was sitting there anyway, she set up her bears and made some pretend about what was going on.  It made a cute picture though.
 Logan, with pinkeye, again... he gets pink eye ALL of the time.
 Sweet baby cuddling in the ring sling.  I LOVE THIS SLING.  Seriously love it.
 My sister in law was in town, so grandpa paid for the kids to ride the carousel

 Haylee loves the ring sling too.  It is easier to hold him in this sling as opposed to the moby wrap.
 This is Mo.
Unfortunately, Mo ran away after a couple weeks.  She got out front and never came home.  We were bummed, especially Laycee but we have since replaced her with a cute dog named Slinky!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fathers Day

First, I just have some random photos.  Here is the beginning of a dust storm. 
 Another picture of William sitting up!
 This is what the kids got Dave for Fathers Day.
 Here is their Father's Day Picture
So, holidays like this are hard, but I was thankful that the kids found something they wanted to get Dave this past year and took a cute cute picture.   I think it helped Dave feel special even though he wasn't with us. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 Years Old

Haylee turned 10 in June.  (Yes I am still 7 months behind on blogging).  For her birthday, she wanted these little cake cookies.  They were totally not my favorite thing to make, but she wanted them.  I will NEVER attempt them again ha ha.  But she was glad to ahve what she wanted.

She is so excited to open presents.
Haylee wanted Chick FilA for dinner.  And William tried the high chair for the first time
Then she picked out a 3D movie and we came home and built a fort.
There they all are, ready for a movie
It was a hard night acually.  The fort wasn't working properly.  Usually Dave builds the forts and I do not have the fort building skills.  But we did manage one.  And then the 3D movie took forever to play properly.  They went to bed nearly 2 hours late, so then they ended up cranky the next day.  BUT, it was fun to celebrate Haylee's birthday how she wanted and in the end, they remember the good pictures, not the horrible stuff it took to get there.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Days

I finally found another minute to blog.  We have a sweet friend that took the kids to the movies.  Dave is scouting with Trent so William and I are just hanging out.  Here you have some pictures of what I WISH I was doing today....
 Who seriously falls asleep during a 3D movie?  Apparently, Logan does

I love this last picture of William.  During the time of the picture, I would have not enjoyed it as much, but looking back, it brings back fond memories.  Here we are talking to Dave on the internet.  William is one of the worst sleepers I have ever had and he does not enjoy an early bed time.  So, each night when I would sit down to talk to Dave, William felt like it was play time.  It was a rare night when I had the chance to talk to him and William was sleeping.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Girls Night

So for girls night, William tries on a hat...
 And cries...
 at the girls who tried on a avacado mask.
 And was all smiles by bed time

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Almost 5 M- Sitting

Willim just about a week shy of 5 months.  Look at his baby chunks! 
 Totally cute

 A HUGE accomplishment... sitting!!!

 He can play while he sits too!
Haylee was my only other child that sat this early.  Trent was closer to 6 months and the twins were closer to 8 months.  William was almost half their age!  He is such a fun baby to have on the end!

Green Smoothie Races

So last year, green smoothies became a daily "treat".  Laycee detests them almost very day.  But we found that making a "race" makes them more bearable.  After 1.5 years, everyone loves them most everyday, except Laycee.
 Trent was victorious
 Laycee is putting on a show.

And Logan, he is just cute!