Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I may not ever...

Well I may not ever get my blog all caught up.  But in the off chance that I have a moment to blog, I would like to document some of the most important.  When the blog started in 2007, it was important to place every moment of the twin's life on here.  I wanted all of my family to see them grow.  As more of life has happened, I have enjoyed having this be a place where I could look back and remember "the good ole days".  And here I am barely able to blog once every couple of months.  But tonight as I pondered my children growing up, I felt it was important to blog some important events that really matter.
 I have an autoimmune thyroid disease.  I have know for about 10 years and when I received the initial diagnosis, the doctor's suggestion was... come back every 3 months and wait for the antibodies to kill the thyroid.  It is going to happen soon and then we can supplement for the rest of your life.  Well... here I am 10 years later and it still hasn't happened.  I recently went to a new doctor who recommended I go gluten free to reduce the antibodies.  While I have read much about this concept over the last year, I was not a believer.  However, I was desperate.  Out of desperation, change is made.  So for 3 weeks, I have been gluten free about 90% of the time (yes old habits are hard to change!) and I feel drastically better.  Do I feel normal? No, but I feel better.  So above is my portobello pizza!
 Tender Mercies!  I was one night feeling very overwhelmed by life and complaining to a friend.  She provided me with some good advice.  She said that real life isnt captured on instagram (which I do not use but the concept applies lol).  Those are just the best moments.  So the next night, I decided to set real life aside and do an improptu picnic with the kids.  It was at 720 at night because that is what time I finally got home from work after a 12 hr day.  And I captured my "instagram life".  I was thankful for this tender mercy to recognize this for what it was.  These children mean the world to me.
 This is a bittersweet year of CubScouting for us.  We finally get to be freed of these events.  Yet, these are the last moments of this time of life for Trent.  Here he is after his very last Pinewood Derby.

 What is a blog post without a few pictures of sweet William.  Here he is making his own breakfast and showing off his first real haircut!  I cannot believe he is 2 and he is amazing.  Everyday I look at him and think, Heavenly Father prepared you perfectly for this crazy life you would be born into.  And because of that insight, I love William and our Heavenly Father even more.
 Just for fun... Dave turned 35!  Woah we are getting old!!
 And another last... Trent received his Arrow of Light.  His highest Cub Scout award marked by a lot of work and dedication to scouting.  My testimony has grown of the scouting program and the bond that Trent and I have made out of the program.  I cannot believe he is here.  He has a few more months before moving onto Boy Scouts but he accomplished what he set out to do.  Once in his life, scouting was the only place that he was able to receive positive recognition because everything else in his life was so hard for him.  Scouting holds a special place in my heart and I can't believe he is moving on soon.

I wish I had a picture of the final thing to report, but I do not.  Anyway, Dave made it into Physical Therapy School!  It has been a long process with many lessons from our Father in Heaven, but we are thankful.  He starts in August and the time is going by so slowly!  
These are the best days of our life.  I can't wait to see what the future holds.