Sunday, October 21, 2012


Our Homeowners Association had an easter egg hunt.  Unfortunately Laycee was still under the weather after her surgery, but she was such a trooper trying to get out there still!

 Here they are Easter Sunday all dressed up
 Unfortunately, during the surgery her mouth was cut.  It was a painful recovery for her.

 I cannot believe how grown up they all are!  I remember just a few years ago when the Logan wore that same outfit that William is wearing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rolling Over

William learned to roll over!  He was 4 month 3 days the first time he rolled over.

Oh this rolling over was the beginning of the end of him!  He has been moving ever since then!  I love it but have found it difficult to have such a young mover!  None of our other children moved this early.  He is definately one of a kind!  Love him!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Next up in April was surgery.  I was told that Laycee could get her tonsils removed the summer before kindergarten.  Trent and Logan had both had their's taken out the summer of 2010.  The doctor didn't want to do Logan's then, but there was medical need.  She told me that Laycee also needed hers removed, but wouldn't do them at that time because of her age.  So we waited.  When preschool started last year, Laycee really struggled.  There were many social issues that we had to work on.  Eventually, that led us to a psychiatrist.  That was both a blessing and a dead end.  The psychiatrist encouraged me to put her on medication and I didn't feel like we were ready for that.  But he also subscribed a few other methods that might would help us help Laycee.  First problem with Laycee is that she is unable to sleep through the night.  She has never been a good sleeper and even now she isn't.  This issue led us back to to the tonsils.  Given that now there was a bigger need to get them taken out, the new doctor (switched because of insurances) decided to go ahead and remove them.  I am always so nervous any time Laycee has to be sedated.  She fights to the very end and comes out kicking and screaming.  Even the pain meds were too much for her.  It took her a little longer than the boys to recover, but I was so proud of her!  Back to the bigger issue, tonsils are taken out and melatonin was not a great alternative for her.  However, we have found more "natural" ways to treat her and they are really helping.  Yes I know this is going to sound quacky to some, but desperation takes us to new heights.  So, we started adding flax to her diet.  Refrigerated Flax Oil (also has the right ratios of omegas) is a mood elevator.  In addition, I have found a combination of essential oils to also help her sleep through the night.  I have a sensitivity to lavender so it took us a little experimenting to find something that worked without lavender in it, but we have found something.  We have undergone several transitions over the summer and she has only had 2 "periods" of instability in that time.  However, before our natural treatments and the tonsils, she had an episode every 4-6 weeks lasting about 1 week!  That is amazing improvement!  We have been working on routines and rituals to help the separation and anxieties that she has.  So, seeing the psychologist didn't help in some ways, but he definately pointed us in the right direction. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

April Beginnings

 Above is William at 4 months!  So the beginning of April brought about great fun.  We LOVE LOVE General Conference that comes around every April and October.  This year, I found a fun idea that I selected key words to correspond with a bowl.  When the kids heard the key word, they were able to pull one item out of the bowl.
 They had marshmellows, jelly beans, stickers and silly bandz.
 This is what William did during conference... he started playing with his toys!

 Sweet smiles from Logan.  I love Logan Smiles!
 The first Monday of April, we had Family Home Evening with my sister and her children again.  Brooklyn (my niece) had made a lesson at Activity Day (program for girls age 8-11) about Easter.  Here is the clan holding up their Easter story!
 And for dessert, we had birthday cake for Dave even if he wasn't here. He turned 33 this year.  I told him a few years ago that by age 35, I would hope we could settle down and have a steady life.  We have made some strides towards that, and we have made some strides away from that.  I am however, excited to see where life takes us.   
So Happy Easter all and Happy Birthday Babe (even if these were from 6 months ago lol)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Cheersport was Haylee's last cheer competition of the season.  It was at the University of Phoenix Stadium and it was so fun!

 Of course a post isn't complete without a few cute photos of our sweet baby boy.  He is days shy of 4 months old here.

 And they rock!!!

Cheerleading has been such a fun new experience for Haylee.  She chose not to do another season which brought a little bittersweet emotions for both of us, but it was a fun opportunity and exposure for her.  She has since chosen to follow her musical interest and we will see where that takes us.  But I was thankful for this one last "big event" for the end of her season.  I loved watching her and the team grow over the 10 months.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nursery/ FHE/ Award Ceremony

 I was just sitting here thinking how Blogger has improved the user friendly nature of their posts and site all together.  I have been blogging since 2007 on here, so I have seen a lot of changes.  And just when I was thinking how much I love blogger, I couldn't get my words in the spot on the post that I wanted!  So... sorry for that.  Above is a picture of Trent (in the black jacket 3rd from the left) getting an award for Honor Roll.  This was for the 3rd semester of 3rd grade (yes way back in March).  I was so proud of him.  He has a lot of struggles in school and it took much work on his part of finally be able to earn honor roll.  He is such a trooper and has really stepped up to trying hard with the challenges he faces.  

Below are pictures of the finished nursery.  So we had a "computer nook" in the house that we converted to a "nursery".  It doesn't fit any more than his crib and changing table, but it is right outside of our room and I just love it!  I wasn't able to get everything finished before he was born, but I figure that 3 months late is better than not at all.

 Here is William all set for church at almost 3 months old.
 In other happenings in March, the children got the CTR book from church.  The purpose is to have a family home evening on Choosing the Right (CTR) and then practice what you learned.  My sister brought her children over and we took this fun CTR picture.  Don't you love the point of the "!" Ha Ha

 My nieces and nephews can't stand when they are near William but don't get to hold him.  So here is Bryce (8) and Brielle (5) holding William (3 months).
 And this is just a fun one.  I wore William in the Moby Wrap a lot while he was younger so this is one of my favorite and fondest points of view of my sweet baby.
In other happenings, it was recently brought to my attention that I need to do better at journal writing.  I was a bit discouraged by this council because even with Dave being home now, life has been crazy and the minutes to jot down thoughts are few.  However, I decided that I will attempt a better effort given that I am missing important documentation of these still crazy times in our lives  I hope that Blogger can continue to be a great way for my children to one day see how our lives have progressed.  On day, if i have extra money ever, I would love to put the blog into a book for their own keepsakes, but we shall see.  Off for now!