Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Laycee and Logan

Tomorrow is the babies birthday, so I decided to post a tribute to them!

Hope you all enjoy a quick glimpes back at their life.


I tried giving the babies a drink out of a straw today

and they did great! Even better than they do

with their sippy cups.

I love being a mom

It is moments like these that I love.
Haylee has been learning vibrado from somewhere.
I know this is a little bit rough, but it is funny anyway.
Please forgive the messy room, I am in the transition of
Making it a craft room instead of a storage room.


Tuesday Jaron came to play.

The babies were excited from the minute they saw him.

Dinner at Nancy's

The other night we went to Nancy's for dinner.

I just love when the babies get together!

so cute

The other day I changes Laycee and set her down. I put Logan in her crib so that I could change his sheets real quick and then change him. I turn around and this is what I saw.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This weekend I attended a training this weekend to become an instructor for BODYCOMBAT. It is a martial arts aerobics class. I have been taking the class for almost a year now, and I was asked if I wanted to become an instructor. I was really excited about it. The training was completely horrible, but I made it through and I passed. Next I just have to practice and send in a video in three months to see if they will certify me. Then I will be a paid instructor. Our post here is the first Europe military installation to get the Les Mills programs. We have Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Step, and in 4 months, Body Balance and Body Jam.
Click the link above to find a gym near you that hosts the programs and you can view a demo below. I don't really know if it is legal to post this because the DVD says it cannot be reproduced in any form, but I found this video on youtube. They change the routine every 4 months, and this is the one that I am learning now. The video below shows a small clip from each of the 10 songs in the class. My specialty is number 7.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We took a trip to Verona on Monday with
all the other fatherless families that
we are friends with.
We got to see the Verona Arena,
Juiliets Balcony and a local market.
I was told that it is unknown whether
Shakespeare created Romeo and Juliet
or if it was true.
There is no evidence that it is true,
but the statue of Juliet
was put up in their honor.
It is believed that if you rub Juliets boob,
you will receive extra luck in love.
So, Logan and Jaron rubbed her boob lol.
I hope you all enjoy a little piece of Italy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Her Dress

For my baby shower, my friend, Emily, made this dress for Laycee. It looks so good on her!

Play Park

This weekend, I took the kids to play at PlayPark with some friends from school. They had a lot of fun. It is like a glorified McDonald's playplace, but we spent 16 euro for the two kids to play! So, needless to say, we don't go very often so they thought it was a real treat.

Click to play playpark
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Make a scrapbook - it's easy!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Laycee's Day


Today I played

(Laycee can get up to play with her toys alone now)

Today I waved

And, Today we went to the Frosts for Dinner with the other members of the branch.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yesterday Julie, Nancy, Jaron,
Laycee, Logan and I went to Ikea.
The three kids had a blast!

Sorry the quality is so bad. I will try and fix it and repost it


It is very apparent that the last week or so
Has been a little rough in my house.
As I was sitting here this morning,
I was looking at the blog,
And I suddenly realized how blessed I am.
Even though the kids are never well,
And Dave is not here to help me with the babies,
(I rely on him a lot since the babies were born)
I feel completely overwhelmed with blessings.
I was looking how sweet the kids look in their pictures,
I received an e-mail from Peggy offering to take the kids for a playdate,
and I realized that I am so blessed.
I know the Lord led us here and even though this seems hard.
I know my mom is right when she says,
I will look back and think,
That was not so bad,
And I will wish I could do it all over again.
P.S.- I have amazing pictures of the babies and Jaron at IKEA that
I hope to post later today!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Worst Mom Award

The Worst Mom Award goes to Lexi!

Yes, you read that correctly,

I win the worst mom award for yesterday.

Let me tell you about my huge mistake.

In the morning, I took Dave to the bus at 5 am,

(He left for a month yesterday)

And then Haylee to school at 720.

Trent goes to school at 745, but we left at 748.

We missed the bus, even though departure time is 750.

Then Logan won't stop crying (and hasn't slept in 3 days),

So I call Julie for some help.

She helps me out.

When she leaves about 2, I decide to take a nap.

My alarm goes off at 240 to pick up Trent at 245.

I hear the alarm at 3!!

I ran to the stop and the bus was no where to be seen!

I frantically call the bus office and he is there.

Thank goodness.

So the Worst Mom Award goes to Lexi for forgetting her child

And picking him up only an hour before

They drop him off to the military police.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Game Night

Dave and I hosted game night last night.

We had a lot of fun playing Cranium and

Eating dinner together.

Everyone loved my pacifire collection.

And dinner and the Wii was fun too!


Saturday morning, we went to
Watch on of the young men, Gavin,
In the branch play basketball.
Laycee loved it and
So did the kids.

Always Something

Dave is nursing Logan from his fever.

It is always something but never anything.

That is my new motto.

It seems that there is always

Something wrong with one of the kids these days,

But it is never anything major.

Just minor annoyances.

I hate winter time.

I will never have another baby in the winter time again.

Anyway, this week was full of issues.

Monday- Haylee went to dr for ear infection.

Monday- I get lectured about Logan's weight.

Wednesday- Trent gets home from school with poop down his

legs because he has picked up the stomach bug going around.

Thursday- I get an e-mail from Trent's teachers that he has a huge gland.

Friday- Trent went to dr for sinus infection she thinks.

Saturday- Logan picks up the fever going around

Sunday- Logan cries all day from not feeling well.

So, it has been one of those weeks.

But guess what?

It was not Laycee this week,

So I am expecting a huge issue from her this

Weekend because the health clinic

Is closed for the holiday!

I hope everyone else is

Having more luck than me!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lots of Posts

I posted twice this week because
I decided to do a lot of creative editing.
Sorry to bombard you,
But check out all the posts.
I had lots of great pictures
And footage to share!

Best Birthday Present

Today is my 25th birthday!
And Dave gave me the best birthday present.
He told me that finally after 10 months,
He submitted his
Officer Candidacy Packet.
Maybe in 3 months,
We will know if he was accepted or not.
What a great present!

My Sweets

I saw Jessica put a cute collage on her blog.

So, I decided to try one too.

I love the babies in black and white.

She ties shoes!

It has been an eventful few weeks here.
Haylee started tying her shoes!
Watch her go.

Our Little Music Man

Logan LOVES music.
He loves making music,
Dancing to music,
And listening to music.
Watch out Little Music Man in action.

Who would have guessed?

Logan finally crawls. It is a miracle.
He is not very good,
But it is a step in the right direction.

Play date

The babies had a playdate with a few kids that go to the gym with us in the morning.
Logan, Logan, and Laycee watched Baby Einstein

Nicco cried for his mom, Kate.

Logan and Laycee sat together.

And Nicco salked.

All in all, it was what you can expect from a 17 month old, 14 month old, and two 11 month olds.

Super Cute Bow

just wanted to show off another one of the beautiful
bows that Laycee got for chirstmas. i love the design and it matches
great with the outfit she got for christmas too.

They Clap

These past few weeks the babies decided that they wanted to grow up. Well Logan did at least. So he started clapping one day in the bath. Two days later, Laycee started clapping. Now they both clap all the time! They think it is so funny. Here is a rough video from the first of January of their new skills.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Haylee Look A Like?

Lynnae posted this a while ago and I thought it was fun, so I decided to try out our kids and see where we all stand.

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family tree template

This was Haylee's

Trent was like Dave by 8%

Laycee was like Dave by 3%

and Logan was equal to both of us!

Monday, January 7, 2008

La Befana Day

On Saturday, we went to dinner and Dave ordered this pizza. It was the works let me tell you. It had hot dogs, asparagus, pepperoni, ham, mushroms and cheese. It was interesting!
We went the day before the Epiphany, or La Befana Day. They were having a celebration at the restaurant. This is La Befana.

And this is what she left for us.

Here is a little culture....

The Info below is credited to

On January 6th, it's known to celebrate a festival called "The Epiphany". This festival is celebrated in Italy, and probably other countries that I don't know of. The celebration is all about a good witch called "La Befana" who comes around on that day putting candy in your socks-- but of course, only if you leave your socks hanging beside the fireplace.

"The Epiphany" has it's own reason for celebration, like Santa Claus is celebrated for Jesus being born. "The Epiphany" celebrates the three wise men who made the journey to visit the baby Jesus. The legend begins as the Magi (or the three kings or three wise men) were on their journey to bring presents for baby Jesus. On their way, they asked an old woman for food and drink, but the woman refused, and the Magi kept on walking. A while after they had gone, the woman realised what she had done, but it was too late because the Magi had gone. Now they say she disguises herself as a good witch who we call "La Befana" who rides on a broomstick looking for the baby Jesus, leaving candy for children on her way.

If you are interested more, click here. This was a great readers digest version.

Our First Birthday Party

The babies attened their first birthday party!

Snow Falling

It Snowed this past weekend. The kids were excited to get out and enjoy snow for the second time in their life.

The Things I love about Trent

Trent is the funniest kids I know, but he does not photo well with poses. So the other night when he was telling Dave a joke, I took a few pictures during his best moments.

Tea Party Anyone