Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

Life Is a Highway

The babies got a new toy for christmas that they aren't quite ready for, but it is cute anyway!

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Christmas Eve

Noah and Laycee

We spent Chritmas Eve with te Ghiz's. They were nice enough to invite us over when it was clear we had nothing to do. It was fun to play Righteous! with them and spend a little time just chatting and eating.

Sydney and Logan
Dave and Laycee
Matt explaining the rules of the game.
Lets see who can win, boys or girls?
Who always wins when Dave is playing Book of Mormon Trivia, of course the boys.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breath of Heaven

This is my little Breath of Heaven. I hope you enjoy my piece of heaven as much as I do.

Mom and Dad Higbee

Thank you so much for the christmas presents. Haylee and Trent loved them! I hope you enjoy seeing them unwrap the presents.

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Family Exchange Presents

I video'd the family exchange. Thanks mom and dad.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Trent is really funny. He loves to make people laugh. Well, he has recently discovered that he can make Logan laugh. In fact, Logan only really laughs at Trent. He just thinks Trent is hilarious. Well after caroling the other night, the babies were a little fussy, so Trent decided to take the situation in his own hands.

My Bad

Yesterday we told the kids that they couldn't open a present unless they got dressed. Trent was complaining because he didn't have any pants to wear. Then next thing I know, he is coming out like this. I am confused because I know these aren't his pants. But he insists that they are because they were in his dirty clothes.
I look at the tag, and what do you know, they are Logans! I don't even know how he got them on himself. He was very upset that one I laughed and two he had to change. Poor boy.

Dennis and Lynda Christmas!

Dennis and Lynda sent us some presents. We were so excited and since half the fun of buying presents is watching someone open them, I decided to post it here for them to see! We love you guys.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I know it isn't Christmas or Christmas Eve, but the kids needed these things for church today, so they opened a present!

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First Visit with Santa

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These are pictures of the kids first visit with Santa.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Music Recital

Haylee has been practicing for a music recital and she finally performed last month. The sound isn't great on the video, sorry, but she did so well. She is the middle one with a green and red hat!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Funny Story

Children learn all sort of vocabulary. I know Trent learns so much at school too. I think they were talking about advent calendars. We always do an advent calendar. And today after he took out the candy from his, he says... Where did you find the a-vent calendar? I said what? Confused by him calling it a calendar and more so and advent calendar. He said, where did you find the a-vent calendar?

What are they teaching these kids in school?

Temple Trip

This past weekend we went to the Bern, Switzerland temple as a branch. We were very lucky to have no children with us. Sister Frost and Harriman took care of the kids while we were away. It was nice to get to the temple since it was the first time since we moved to Europe. The drive was nice and we saw snow. THe temple was beautiful and I would like to go back again.

O Christmas Tree

On Thursday the post had their tree lighting ceremony. Santa and Mrs. Clause attended. They had a choice and hot chocolate and hot wine. The kids were really excited to get out and celebrate the christmas season.

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Camissano Again

Dave went to Camissano for work again. He took some pictures of the decorations for Natale. From what I understand, they don't celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate Natale which focuses on the Nativity. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

We decorated for the holidays and took some pictures so everyone could see!

Monday, December 3, 2007

They will crawl!

Laycee is finally in the beginning stages of crawling. I am so excited, except now she finds more things to put in her mouth. But she sure is cute. And Logan is finally starting to get up on his hands and feet, but he is not featured in this video.


Dave went to Commisano for work, but he didn't get very many good pictures. I guess because he was working lol. Anyway, he did take a picture of his co-worker eating the biggest italian pizza we have ever seen. He could not believe how big this food was. I can't wait until he takes us. I love italian pizza!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Parents can't help but laugh

You all know there are moments when you can't help but laugh at your children. So tonight Dave and I were playing a computer game and the babies were playing with the noisy toys and Haylee was talking a lot as usual. Well suddenly, we heard a huge THUD! We look over and Haylee starts screaming because she fell off the end of the couch. When we asked her how she fell off, she said she was playing falling and she really fell!

We can laugh about this for days now. I don't know what was going through her head when she decided to "play falling" but didn't expect to fall!

And then she was looking at her scrapbook and there is a page with pictures of her and Linzi at Hooters. So she says mom look, I see hooters! Dave was like WHAT?

Kids say the funniest things sometimes.