Thursday, July 29, 2010

Say Cheese

Its adorable I know! I wish every day was double the smiles, I prefer this over double the pouts!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do what ya Gotta do

Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. We were trying to get out of the house and there was nothing but fighting, so we lined them up and put them in the "corner". They always line up, it helps keep the organization, but only when it is unbearable does this happen. Sometimes, you just do what needs to be done to accomplish the tasks of the day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Garden Update

This was a recent find in our garden. Unfortunately the garden is nearly dead now. The corn almost made it and so did the cucumbers, but the heat picked up one day and nearly killed off everything. Even with constant watering, the garden couldn't withstand the sun. So farewell garden, we have enjoyed your spoils!

Monday, July 26, 2010

ER Visit

My poor little Laycee. She has spent a lot of time in the hospital and even more time hooked up to ivs in her short little life. Here is a tidbit about Laycee. She is as feisty as they come and she will fight and fight until she just shuts down. Her body is the same, it will fight and fight, but sometimes it just gives up fighting. So, when she gets sick, she will fight until she just cannot fight anymore. And then, she ends up like this.
Thankfully this time, it was just a short 5 hr trip proceeded by many hours at the drs office. She got the local stomach virus. Which is nothing for most people. But then she got a fever. She can only fight one thing at a time. Well, that complication leads to dehydration. Thankfully the pediatrician is AMAZING and knew the beginning signs so we really caught her before this 5 hr trip turned into and extended stay (which has happened).
And her favorite part... not the IV, but the popcicle they gave her to see if she could finally keep food down. For the next few days, she continued to have troubles, but with the meds we were able to nurse her back to health... only for her to pass the virus to the rest of us, yuck!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls Camp

Last month I went to girls camp. I will admit, I pretty much never liked girls camp when I was a teen. I mean it was fun to get along with the girls and be outdoors, but I am such a homebody sometimes. I just wanted to be with my family. I had the opportunity to go while we were in Italy and I said didn't. This year I was needed. So I stepped up and had an amazing time!
Hailey and I went on a very very very long hike into the mountains. It was somewhere between 6-9 miles round trip with steep inclined switchbacks, but what a beauitful view and an amazing sense of accomplishment. We really enjoyed chatting and laughing much of the time.
Camp was so great. It was fun to have 4 days to go back to being a "kid" again. I was so thankful for the opportunity to go and be spiritually uplifted.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Delivery

Dave has been so sweet as to send the kids a present for their birthday. Haylee had waited each day for something from Dave. She couldn't help but rip it open as soon as it came.
A new razor scooter and she was so happy that she doesn't have to share with Trent anymore.
Opened and off she went.
It was a nice gesture from Dave since they miss him so much. At least they can look forward to a package for their birthday. Happy Birthday Haylee!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Haylee's Birthday Party

My how far behind I am. These are pictures from Haylee's birthday party last month. We held the party at The Bounz House. We had tried it out there once before and they loved it, so we held her party there. Her and Tyler enjoyed shooting the nerf guns.
Nana got on the velcro wall. She LOVED it.
Trent raced in the obstacle course.
Haylee and Brooklyn played tug of war basketball.
Then we went to the party room to have pizza and cake.

This was her cake. I just had them supply a cake so it wasn't anything fantsy. But perfect for what we needed it for.
She got a Moxi Girl from Loni and the kids.
It is her 8th birthday, so she received a set of scriptures.
She also has wanted a camera for a while, so I finally found one that I felt like was decent enough, but not expensive for when it gets broke.
The kids gathered around, thats the best part about birthday parties.
Lynnae and kids made Haylee a scripture case. It is adorable!
And The Bounz House gave her a tee shirt.
The festivities ended and the kids were tired, sweaty and well fed. It was a great day!
Happy Birthday Haylee-girl.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Special Delivery

Last month was Haylee's 8th birthday. My dad sent her a special delivery, she was so excited!
She was able to carry them in the house.
Read a sweet note from her grandfather.
And unveil the most beautiful flowers.
Followed by the most delicious bouquet of candy!
She was so excited to be getting mail and so thankful for these amazing gifts.
Thanks grandpa!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


So we have decided to homeschool this year. I looked all over for different programs or textbooks to decide what I really wanted. After much debate, comparisons and looking around, we decided on Calvert School. It is based out of Maryland. The day the supplies came, the kids were so excited to open the boxes. That poor FexEx man... these boxes are heavy.
This is Haylee's box complete with all the textbooks, workbooks, and supplies. Yes, even an art kit and paper.
I figured since I was teaching Haylee and Trent, it would be easier if I was also teaching Logan and Laycee. So I bought the preschool kit as well. It is so cool because it comes with EVERYTHING! Manipulatives, crayons, clay, everything.

And here is Trent's box. His was also very cool. Once again it came with everything. You can see his art kit and ruler pictured here.

Laycee didn't want me to take the boxes and put them in the closet. She is super excited.
The program is a bit expensive, but as I was looking around, to build my own program was just as expensive. I am really excited to try this for my first year since the program is laid out, tells what to do each day. The books give suppliment ideas for additional work and just gives you all the supplies needed to complete the course. Now all we need is a house in WA so we can get started!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

9 years...

To start, I wish I had a picture of us together to post, but the "old" ones are on the other computer that has no internet connection and there are no new ones. So, today I write just words. Today is our 9th anniversary. It has been an up and down 9 years. I have to admit that we are so blessed even though right now would be part of the down. In the last 9 years, Dave have become a pilot, joined the army, finished his bachelors degree and started a masters degree. I have completed my associates degree, had four children, been certified to teach group fitness classes, and complete my bachelors degree in 4 weeks. What blessings we have had. Through the years, he has become my chauffuer, my problem solver, my therapist (when I just need someone to talk to), and my best friend. He has loved me through my many stresses, through our many moves (which makes me a basket case), and through our many sacrifices. We have encountered some hard times but worked together to overcome. He has been gone for 9 months right now and how blessed we feel to have the internet. The separation has changed our marriage yet we are so greatful for our committment to one another. Today there is no pampering one another or trying to make a special day for each other. We live on opposite time schedules so we don't even get to "spend the day" together, but we are so thankful for what we do have and I am so thankful for the last 9 years. When I was 18 and getting married, 5 years felt like an eternity. Then when I was 24 and getting ready to have 4 kids, I couldn't believe how fast the last 6 years had gone. Now that I am 27 and we are at 9 years, I can't wait to spend the next 9 years together. Time is so precious, it goes so fast, and we never know how much of it we have to spend with one another.

So here is to a blessed 9 years and to another hope filled 9 years.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trent

Today, Trent turns 7. When I think of Trent, I think back to my 6 week checkup with Haylee telling the OB that I would not be having children for a while. On the way home, Dave said, really? Don't you want another. Sure enough, 11 months after that appointment, Trent was born.
His original due date was July 4th. That quickly turned into July 13th after his first ultrasound. I wonder if he was prone to being skinny even in the womb. I went into labor at 35 weeks and they stopped the labor. I was mad about that since it was just the ultrasound that made the change. But now 7 years later, a few weeks seems so insignificant.
His first consistent phrase was "I love my daddy first". He has always had a special bond with Dave. This is the present that just came in the mail for him from Dave. He waited and looked out the window by the front door everyday until it came. He was so excited to be receiving something from Dave.
Trent is a sweet boy. Him and I do not think the same nor do I often understand a lot of what he does. But neither do Dave and I. He is so much like his daddy. He is compassionate and helpful. Quiet and passive. He loves electronics and hates chores. He is so easy to please and strives to make us happy. He is struggling now since Dave has been gone for 9 months, but he has been so brave and tried so hard to be himself. I love Trent.
Happy Birthday Bud!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!
As you go through out today enjoying your holiday and fireworks, think of our soldiers and think of my husband.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bounce at School

In May, the elementary school sponsored and end of school year activity day. They had a lot of bouncy toys and fun for the kids. I love getting a pic where they are both smiling!

She got hurt and he was kissing her better.
Logan loved this section, it had football, basketball...
And baseball!
She is brave. She stood in line for his big slide!
Here is Haylee making it out of the obstacle course.
She needed a cute break!
Even Laycee made it through.
I love this action shot of Trent. He was faster than his opponent and this is his celebration.
Another good one of him.
There are more pictures similar to these to come because we found an indoor place like this that the children seem to love!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Garden Update

So I know I just recently posted pictures of the garden, but those were actually from April. These pictures here are from May and then soon I hope to take pictures of July.
Above is corn, lettuce, basil, cilantro, and strawberries. This box has done so good giving us a lot of lettuce and basil!
Here is our second box. It has peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas.
Our very first red tomato!

These are the peas and cucumbers. We now have one cucumber growing, so we are really excited!