Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trying New Things

I got the pasta kitchenaid attachments some time ago and so I tried out my first pasta... a spinach pasta.  We each a lot of spinach here given that is it super good for you, high in protein and vitamins.  So this was fun to make a spinach pasta.  We mixed it with some grilled veggies and pesto... YUM YUM!  I have since tried a brown rice/ quinoa pasta as well.  I would love to try adding spinach to the brown rice/quinoa pasta!
 My sweet brother and his wife thought of me on my birthday.
 So this isn't me actually trying something new, but wishing I was brave enough to try it.  I saw this in a magazine while waiting for my mom to get her hair done and let me tell you, I was inspired.  I would LOVE to do this to my hair.  What keeps me from doing it?  One the purple, even though that is the main part I love.  Two, the upkeep cost.  Man, I just cannot afford upkeep on my hair.  So instead, here sits the picture for wishful inspiration.
 Our night out at the theater.  We just happened to have tickets to Peter Pan on my birthday!  It was so fun for a night out at the theater.  The children love the theater and we loved being there.  My sister in law gets discounted rates, so we try to go twice a year.  This coming year we cant go (bummer) but we can always hope again for next year.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

William's 1

Here is our handsome man on his actual birthday.  I love him.

 One day, Trent and his friend Emily were out practicing some sparing and William wanted to wear his gear.

 When he was one, his favorite thing was the slide.  Here he is ready to go down again.

 And he learned how to push the stool to the counter and reach up to get what he wants.  What was it this time?  My birthday cake!
 His hat!

Just thought I would share some cute photos of our little man.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Poor Baby

Well before I get to the reality of this post, I wanted to post this cute picture of Laycee and Slinky.  They are so cute.  Laycee has been so happy since Slinky joined the family.  Yes I know this is weird, but Laycee has always related to dogs and spent many years (and still does when she emotionally reverts, yes at 6) either as a puppy or with pretend puppies.  So she has loved having a dog that will love on her.
 This is what happens when you have a daredevil of a child.  William was jumping on the trampoline with me.  As I saw him nearing the edge, I went after him and in the matter of seconds, he was over the edge.  Where was the net you ask?  Well AZ caused it to dry rot.  However, that was on the purchase priority list after this event.  We are now back to safe trampoline jumping with a safety net.  
Now on to the best part of this horrible story... Trent had said, Mom can I jump on the trampoline with William?  No Trent because he is too young and I don't trust you can keep him safe, I will get on with him instead.  **SIGH**  What an example in trust I was right?!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

1st Birthday

Jan 3rd, William turned a year old.  I loved how I did his cake.  Cute and simple.

We had pizza, cake and fun with the family.  He is such a fun baby.  I still think of him as the baby even though because he became mobile so fast, he also grew up so fast.  While he was had to fit into the family, he has been such a joy and an amazing last baby.  I found it was easier to have a baby when all of the kids were little than this time around where they are a bit older.  But, we love him and love having him in our family.  He brings such a fun dynamic to life and he loves acting like a big kid.  He really is going to be a spoiled youngest child because we all love to see him as happy as can be!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch Up again

I feel as though life has been one string of "catch up" for years now.  Maybe it was the time that Dave was away.  Maybe it is my lack of organization.  Maybe it is just being a mother.  Who knows?  Regardless, I am trying to leave this legacy of memories for the children.  I want a legacy of memories for all our future generations.  This blog is my genealogy.  This is my chance to share our day to day.  Unfortunately as time and life have grown ever more stressful and thin, I have not done as great of a job.  But, here are a few more pics to log in the "book of remembrance".

 This is the "tree" we made for some of our friends... May your Days be Merry and Sprite.  The Dr Pepper was on the top as the star.
 We had the annual Higbee Nativity event.  This year they acted out the Nativity.  Haylee was Mary and Jarom as Joseph.

 Our sweet choir of angels.  I don't know why I didn't get a whole group picture.  I love the family that I married into.  There is an abundance of these sweet special spirits from our Heavenly Father.  Each are unique and on their own journey to heaven.  I love them and am thankful for this chance to be a part of their family.
 Our sweet baby did not appreciate being awoken on Christmas morning for presents.
 The bounty.  We chose a few years ago to steer from Santa and now we have the "Three Wise Men" visit.  We teach the children still of the spiritual and commercial traditions, but we are not visited by Santa.  In our switch has come a greater appreciation of Christmas as well as a VAST decrease in the stress related to Christmas.  Our children receive 4 gifts, one from us and one from each of the wise men.  I believe this will pay off greatly in the future when they want very expensive presents.  They each go to the dollar store and get something for one another as well.  But I am thankful for this shift that has taken place.  We have made Christmas about the traditions as opposed to the gifts and that is amazing.
 I can't remember if I posted this picture or not, but just as proof, the children still visited Santa his year!
  I know it is late, but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily Life

I don't know if I ever introduced the newest member of our family.  So here is her grand debute... Slinky the chiuahua.  She is a young pup and the kids love her.  Sassy and Slinky have had some growing pains, but now that Slinky realizes that Sassy is in charge, they are all good.  She has yet to conform to the family, but we love her all the same.  Dave always wanted a dog that plays and that loves him.  He now has Slinky, who also annoys him!  Ha ha

Just for documents sake, here is William making one of his first attempts up the stairs and down the slide all by himself, at the ripe old age of yes 11 months.  I love him.