Thursday, January 31, 2013


End of May always brings about graduation time.  May 2012, we travelled to Flagstaff to watch Loni's commencement from NAU's teacher program!  So proud of her
 Logan and Laycee graduated preschool as well.  They were attending a special needs preschool as "peer models".  Logan's teache does a fun, walk over the bridge when the kids move onto kindergarten.

 Laycee's teacher did a really fun party!  Laycee struggled so much in preschool and I was thankful that she was here in this preschool.  Because they were more accustomed to working with secial needs children, they were so great with Laycee.  She was intended to be there to be a mainstream model for the other children, but she needed so much help socially and behaviorally.  I was thankful for this program.

 The two who helped us through preschool.
I cannot believe looking back how much they have grown!  On Friday, they will be 6 years old and the time has just flown by!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Box Car Race

As previously mentioned, Trent participated in the box car race for scouts.  Let me tell you, this was SOOO fun.  The rules were a little sketchy, but it was still really fun for the boys.  Here are a few cars... Trents is the green one.
 He is off!
 Taking a pit stop between races
 He made it to the finals
 Frantically holding to his box as he runs!
 And he was victorious.  I hope his troop makes this an annual event because it was SO fun.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Just some random day to day pictures from May 2012.  Will takes up the whole bed, thankfully, Dave wasn't home to care.
 This is silly but I debated for months about bedding and I saw this bedding in Walmart and loved it!  I spend hundreds less than at Babies R Us.  So this is really a picture of him in this bedding that I love.
 4 months old and loves his high chair.  He didn't start on food until later but he sipped my green smoothies with me.  To this day, he still loves them!
 Ahhh the best dinner ever!  Warmed kidney beans and raw corn.  Fresh red pepper.  Basalmic vinegar.  Delish!!
 Laycee and Logan started swim lessons.  It was only few weeks long, but great refresher and confidence booster for the coming summer.
 William eyeing Sassy
 He got her!
Nothing fabulous to say here.... its just life.

Monday, January 28, 2013

End of Year Projects

One thing I have noticed as the kids get older is the very annoying way that teachers wait until the last month of school to pull out some "creative" and time consuming project that must get done in a week.  The clearly do not think about the time it takes to care for a 4 month old, two preschoolers AND find time for extra projects alone.  In addition, I am not creative and have unfortunately passed on that trait to at least 3 of my 5 children.  However, projects are still assigned and completed on time.  Trent had to research an animal from The Great Barrier Reef.  We were both frustrated when the teacher sent home the assignment on Friday, so we worked on the paper portion over the weekend.  Come Monday, she sends home his assigned topic, NOT on the animal we wrote the paper about and he had to start all over, no exceptions (I wrote the teacher and asked).  I do say that thankfully it was a typed paper because that works better with Trent's dyslexia.  So we had 5 days to write a new paper and come up with a "display".  He built his hammer head shark out of clay and labeled the body parts.
 Haylee has the uncanny ability to choose the hardest topics ever!  She was very proud of how her Apache Tribe poster turned out.  She is getting really good at learning about research and how to take the writers words to make them her own.
 In addition to school, scouts calls!  They were holding a box car race.  The boys were required to build a car out of a box.  Here is his bumper and wheels.
 He is painting away.
 Part two of his shark project.
 His finished car and his mighty eye patch.  That is part of his lazy eye therapy.
 His finished project
Pictures to come of the scout race.  This was unfortunately one of those times when I hated Dave being gone.  Really the day to day of life was hard and extra school projects tipped me into the unbearable side of things.  However, the time passed, projects completed and memories made. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 Months and Peaches

Alright, Blogger has been on my naughty list for a few weeks.  I took the time to use Blogs2Print to finally print up year 2007.  I then took the forever time to delete the posts from here and then the pictures from Picasa.  Let me tell you, that was annoying.  I was so excited to blog and for once had a few free seconds to do so.  And what do you know?  Blogger is having issues with their post form!  I was beyond irritated and almost ready to switch to a new server.  But I love blogger and have documented so much on here.  Thankfully today (last chance!) it worked.  So here is me trying to catch up on the last year! 
William is 4 months old here.  One day I just laid him down to see if he could hold up his head and I was AMAZED!  Love his chicken legs too
 Last May we went to Schnepf farms to pick peaches.  It has become somewhat of a tradition.  We had a garage sale that morning and used the money to buy peaches.
 Due to the warmer winter, the peaches were rather small and really a pain to make into jelly or can.  But we did do it.  I am hoping since this winter has been colder that the crop this year will be better.
 William is not a thumb sucker but I love this picture where he was trying it out!  So cute.
 The peaches... dont know why they posted out of order.
Hopefully I will get in a few more posts before I run into more technical difficulties.