Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Summer Fun

So another thing we have done a few times is go to the park. This particular park I just happened to run across while we were grocery shopping. It is large and the kids love it. It is shaped almost like a castle. Dave and the kids liked this huge adult swing.
Trent loves to swing himself.
Laycee peeks inside before going through the tunnel.
Oh tire swings. Gotta love them and my kids do. They can spot a tire swing anywhere and they want to play on it constantly. Haylee is especially fond of the tire swing.
At the top of a rock mountain/wall.
Dave and Logan on the swing.
It was a great day of fun filled with tears when it was time to leave.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outside, Going Outside

Old Navy had a sale on swimming suits, so I went over there one day and bought the kids suits or swim shirts. The 3 youngest have them, not Haylee. But the sun was out and the air was warm, but they would be cold when they played in the water. That isn't the case anymore as we are nearing 100 degrees with no ac. (I know you Arizonians think that is nothing, but did you read the No AC). We have been looking for portable ones or window units, but what have you... the 5 largest stores around are out. Becuase apparently it isnt' supposed to get this hot, so no one has ac. Anyway, I am posting about things the kids have been doing this summer. And one of them is playing outside in the water.
Her bottoms are a little big lol.
He is swift.
And he is mischevious.
The hose is heavy compared to him.
For the mean time, the kids are still loving playing outside in the water, but in a few days I think Haylee will cut off the outside fun. She HATES warm weather and cold weather. She is definately a spring kinda girl.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


A few weeks ago, the kids started coach pitch baseball. Best part is, Dave and I are the coaches. Dave took the kids to the first practice and there was no coach. The atheletic director said he needed a coach and asked if Dave would do it. Dave obviously can't account for unforseen work issues, so now we are a coaching team. Dave is loving it more than the kids I think lol.

Thankfully the weather is beautiful and a perfect time of year to be playing baseball.

Friday, July 24, 2009


After a long awaited application process, I am finally admited to ASU for the fall. I recieved a call after putting in my application that informed me that it was received and in 3 weeks I should know. Well, the 3 weeks came and went. Finally two months later, I called she said I should know in 3 days. Sure enough, today is the 3rd day, I log into and see Congratulations you have been admitted to ASU. I finally have some goal to work towards while Dave is gone for the next year. I am so excited!

Our Summer

As I mentioned, we have been busy this summer. So, these next few days, I will be posting about what is keeping us so busy. First, swim lessons twice a week. We are on a break week this week, but they should be starting next week again. Here are Laycee and Logan watching.
Haylee's goofy face
Trent shows off his muscles
And his other one... I love the look on his face.
Haylee practices the back stroke.
They are loving swim lessons and both have made a ton of progress in their classes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tender Mercies

There is nothing better to a mother than to see her small children with their father, gathered around the scriptures... each taking their turn to read about Jesus (or in Laycee and Logan's case... repeating word for word what Dave says).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trent's Birthday

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I am aware that I have been a complete blog slacker this summer. But never fear, I have pictures here. So, Trent's 6th Birthday was on the 10th. What did we do for his special day you ask? Well it was busy and I didn't get near as many pictures as I hoped, so I will do my best to summerize. So... we made eggs and toast for breakfast (his choice). We went to the gym and he said that he didn't have fun, so we went to Target, got Icees and let him pick out a toy. Then for lunch, he wanted sushi, but I talked him into sushi for dinner. As a substitue, he picked Burger King. We came home for quiet time, and when he got up... Dad was home and Dave, Trent, and Haylee went to see Transformers at the movies. While they were gone, I tried making sushi, but I was using a different kind of seaweed, and it didn't work out. So they picked up Panda Express instead. They got home, we did cake and presents and to bed they went. Trent was so thrilled to get a Wii game from aunt Linzi, ties from the twins, DS game from us, Bakugan from Haylee, Bakugan field and action figure from Nana and Kevin, AND a bird watching game with binocculars from Dad. It was a great day and Trent had such a nice time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

technical difficulties

Ok, well apparently I messed up when post dating my blog entries for this week... so please scan down so you don't miss our fun lives! Also, I am still looking for a way to turn the blog into a photo book so if you have a recommendation... Please leave it in the comments. Thanks!!

Deployment Readiness

This is gonna be a long post. But I wanted to share the pictures. Last month, we had an FRG (family readiness group) activity for the kids. They wanted the kids to be aware of the steps their soldier has to go through to prepare for deployment. So first, they got ID cards. Then they went to the uniform area where they were able to color...
and try on uniforms.
The kids said the IBA is really heavy.
Laycee's favorite activity was to put on the rank and badges over and over.
She stayed here a long time.
Then the kids had a PT test. Jumping jacks instead of run.
Sit ups
Push ups
They also went to "immunizations" and got shots for the area they were deploying too.
Laycee skipped the shots and went back to the velco man.
She encouraged Logan to play too.
Haylee visited immunizations next.
Lastly, they all went to legal to work out their POAs and Wills.
It was a really great idea and the kids had so much fun!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aunt Linzi Fun

Linzi was on leave recently and decided to come visit. We were so thrilled. It has been years since we have seen her so it was a great visit. The kids conned her into jumping on the trampoline with them.
We took her to Red Robin and she piled in the van with them.
We couldn't believe we both have our hair dyed almost the same color!
And of course, Linzi loves to cuddle, Laycee loves to cuddle... so there was A LOT of cuddling going on.
It was so fun to be with her. She was a great shopping partner (which we did nearly every day) and she even went to Zumba with me. It was a quick trip but so nice to have her here for a few days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friday July 13, 2001

8 years ago, we began our married life together. Oh we were so young with so much to learn, but we have grown and accomplished so much in our lives. We have helped each other, learned from each other, and supported one another. We have endured many hard times, and we have enjoyed many fun times. We have seen the world together. We have been gifted 4 beautiful time consuming children. And we are still trying to make it together each day. Some days, I can't believe that we have been married 8 years. That seems like so long. And other days I feel like we just got married yesterday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

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Yes I am slow. And mom was harrassing me about my lack of posting later. So I found a few minutes to get in some blogging. For the 4th of July, Dave was on 24 hr duty at work, so we were alone. We had plans to head to a party, but decided to make our own party at home. So, the kids played in the pool, made some visors, face painted, and best of all... got to create their own firework show. It was a fun new experience to be able to buy and shoot fireworks. So fun, that we saved several for the 5th of July so Dave could join in the fun. The sun doesnt go down until nearly 10 pm, so we were competing with the light, but we had such a great time. Haylee's review of the day... "Mom that was the funnest 4th of July ever". I was so thrilled because she can be hard to please.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Trent

Today Trent turns 6. I, of course, can't believe how fast the time has gone by. He has grown and changed so much from a passive baby, to an extremely shy toddler, to the outgoing and loving boy he is now. He loves math and is so good at problem solving. My very favorite thing about Trent is his sense of humor. He can be such a class clown and he brings so many smiles to our home. He is a quiet observer. And boy does he love his daddy. When he was learning sentances, I remember often where he would tell me, he loves his daddy first. To this day, he still loves his daddy first. Him and Dave share a special bond. I am so glad that we have today so I can ponder all the wonderful things I love about Trent.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hair Dye

Those you that know me, know I love to dye my hair. It has been nearly 8 or so months since I have dyed it last and I was really getting the itch for a change. So, i took the plunge and tried a dark brown. I hated it the first day or two, but I really love it now. And so does Dave. That is always a bonus because he doesn't always like when I dye it. He even liked it right away. So, I know it must have been ok. So, here is a picture of what I look like right now!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Father's Day

We stayed out really late the night before Father's Day. So, we decided to sleep in a little even though we had church at 9. Don't worry, we still got there by 905 lol. And the kids were horrible. Anyway, this is what Dave got for Fathers Day. He really wanted Volume One of Joseph Smith papers, so a while back when I made a spur of the moment trip the hour to the bookstore, I picked it up. I wanted him to have a grill too. I like charcol better than gas, but he just used a friends gas grill the day before and he wanted a gas on, so this one might be going back to the store in exchange for a different one lol. But at least he got something.
We also made him banana waffles. I rarely do this, so this was a treat for him.
Hope all the fathers I know, had a Great fathers day as well!