Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Bums

Monday, we went to the beach in Venice with Julie and Diana's family. The kids had a lot of fun. Trent got lost one time, but other than that is was a asfe funfilled day.
This is as far into the water as Trent gets.

Haylee was loving the ocean and playing with her friends.

We built a "pool" for the babies, but as you can see, Trent liked it there more.

Laycee just doesnt' like the beach, must be too dirty for our precious princess (note the sarcasm).

Logan laughed and played... after we got out of the water.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


On Satuday, Julie hosted game day. We decided to be adventurous and make kebaobs as well. Here we are, putting them together. Trent kept complaining he was stabbing his fingers though.
Charlie's Art Food
Some of the fixin's
Finished product
The kebobs were so good and it was really fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swim Lessons

The kids have been in swim lessons for the past week. One of the first things they were learning was to float on their back. Here is Trent, trying to float.
Here is Haylee. She can do it by herself now.

Swim lessons are not practical for Trent because he HATES to get his face wet. But it has been good for Haylee. Although, she is already ahead of the other kids in her class. So, next year, I think we will skip swim lessons.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Workout Schedule

Since I posted those pics, I have had some questions of my workout schedule, so here I will post it now.

830- 9 practice Body Jam
915-1015 fitness class (Body Pump, Combat, Step, Combat, Pump) classes ordered m-f
1030-1130 fitness class/ run(run, Balance, Pump, Jam, Run)
130-3 Practice Body Jam Monday and Wednesday

Anyway, that is what I do. I currently have a babysitter in the mornings for me. So, for those of you looking to get out and exercise, my suggestion is just find 1 group fitness class or a walking group. There is a certain amount of support and enoucouragement in a group setting. Not just 2 people, but a whole group for a walking club so someone will always be there. I was only working out 1 hr a day until about 2 months ago.

Disclaimer: Our gym offers Les Mills programs. If you want to check out any in your area or what the classes entail... visit

Daddy Time

Logan's new favorite thing is to rough house. The bad part is I can only handle about 15 minutes of it a day before I cut Dave and the kids off, but I at least give them that much. So, while they were all into it the other night and I was watching the 15 minutes of chaotic noise and actually enjoying the playful interaction, I took some photos.
Laycee doesn't normally join in, but she did today.
Haylee just wanted to pose for the camera the whole time.
Once Dave tried to pick up Laycee, she laid her head down and started singing to Dave, so rough time was over. I love the smiles the two of them are exchanging.
A not so rare moment in our house, a baby on each hip.
Hope you enjoyed our 15 minutes of chaotic and loud playtime, minus the chaotic and loud part.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Out

I know each time I post, it seems as though we are more into toddler years. And that is because every day, they grow to be more like 2 yr olds. Well, Logan has recently decided that he can try to do things despite my warnings. So... he has been spending a lot of time in Trent's favorite corner lol. I can't help but laugh to myself everytime he gets in trouble because he tries to look so pitiful so that I won't punish him. Its priceless memories we are making everyday in our home right now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do I look Scary?

Haylee comes in the other day while they were "cleaning" their room. She says to me, mom, do I look scary? Well, I am polling all of you for her. Add your comment, yes or no? If no, what does she look? She can't wait to hear what you all think!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Linger Longer

Once a month after church, we get together with the Italians and have a potluck lunch. Well, I couldn't believe how grown up the babies looked at the kid table. Just waiting to eat their food. I can't believe almost a year and a half has passed since they were born. So, I got out the camera and took some pics of them looking all grown up.
Logan and Jaron waiting for food
Laycee loves to be held but doesn't like to sit still, so this is her way of waiting. Walking along all the chairs.
And what is church without a "cheese" from Jaron. Nancy, I was totally thinking that you should put this on your blog because he looks so sweet!
Oh speaking of grown up, Laycee is almost a full time walker. I hope to post video of they toddling around soon, and hopefully before she stops doing it, getting video of her walking on her knees. So... be on the look out.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pose for the Camera

Mom asked me to post some pictures of what I look like now that I have lost over 40 lbs. I debated about it forever, but I figured, why not? One day, when I don't have anymore weight to lose and when I get the courage, I might post a before and after pic. But, for now, I got out the camera and we had a little photo shoot. I shot the kids and Haylee shot me. Sorry if I don't look gorgeous, I am always at the gym, so aside from today, my face hasn't seen makeup in almost a month. So, here are Haylee and Trent being sweet.
Close up of me (oh wait, I guess I put on lip gloss at least lol)
Far away (I am in my workout shirt and capris that are too big)
Haylee posing
Trent being silly as always.
Me (after going to the gym) and Laycee (naked as always)
So, here you are mom. This was for you lol. Hopefully by the end of the year I can post final photos.


Haylee found this yellow bag with a bunch of clothes that I have to mail off. She thought it would be fun for the babies to play with. So, Logan tried it on his shoulder.
Then he tried to take it off.
And Laycee got in it and had me swing her. She was loving it.
I love it when the kids get creative with everyday things. I was thinking of you Angela the whole time too.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Time

I have been feeling guilty because I have been spending so much time working out and away from the kids this week. As a result, I was in need of some quality family time. Its about quality not quantity right? Anyway, the other night, the kids set up a tent in the living room.
We ate dinner in our air conditioned tent lol. We has steak and potatoes and the kids had corn dogs and potatoes. We watched some Peter Pan (the kids are obsessed with the crockodile song right now)
And ate some smores out of the microwave.
I am feeling so much more refreshed after some quality family time.


Wednesday, we watched Galen and Peyton so Amanda could teach her step class. Haylee couldn't wait to hold the baby (who is almost 8 weeks). In the first photo, you can see she is so excited and ready, and then as time went on, her poor arm got sore. It was fun to have the two of them at the house with us, but let me tell you, Laycee was not as excited about it at all!! I guess no babies for us for a while.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have comfort items too

In January, I posted our pacifire collection. What a collection it is. Everyone at our house thought is was so funny that I gathered and counted and made sure I had them together so I wouldn't lose any. Well, I have an announcement to make........
we have finally given up the pacifires! Laycee was mad for about 2 days about it and I am still mad about it lol. But I was tired of making sure I had one everywhere I went. Okay, well I haven't been brave enough to throw away the 6 we have left, but they haven't used one in almost 2 weeks. I know, I should just get rid of them. There are many times that they are a temptation too. They kept them so long for my sanity not theirs. But I have to say, what did we replace our 12 pacifires with?? I don't know, maybe 15 SIPPY CUPS!! When does it end?

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 5 K Race

Saturday was the monthly 5k race. Trent got a new bike for his birthday, so we let him and Haylee ride their bikes this time, which they loved. So, Dave and I started off walking, but Dave didn't like being left behind, so we took off running with the double jogger and Trent on his bike. Trent was a real speed racer. We had a couple crashes too, but nothing too major.
I was so excited because we made a really good pace. I finished in 28:55 this month!!! I was really hoping to make it under a half hour and with Dave's help, I did!!! That is almost 4 minutes better from April when I ran it.
So, here is Haylee crossing the finish line.
Here we all are in our 5k race shirts and after we have rested up a little bit.
I love that we are able to do these every month. I am so grateful the gym holds these. I think it is really building a great foundation for the kids as well as allowing them to look forward to something exciting like a race. I love seeing their face exhausted but so pleased each month as they cross the finish line. It is the best thing ever!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

7th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 7th Anniversary. It feels like we were both just married and have been married forever. So here we are in July of 2001 getting married.
Here are some fond memories from our honeymoon. I loved going to Disney for our honeymoon and I especially loved that we could see the evening fireworks from our hotel room.
Okay, so after being married for 7 years we have become such and old boring married couple. So, Dave decided that he was going to get World of Warcraft for us to play together fresh from the start. So, we have been playing almost nonstop for about a week. For our anniversary, I bought the expansion pack. And what did we do all day for our anniversary? Play World of Warcraft lol.
Dave went all out and bought another video camera as an "us" gift since ours broke. I really wanted another one to tape my fitness classes so I can get better.
And then what would be an anniversary without jewelry. I love it. So he got me pearl/diamond ring and earrings to match. They are beautiful!

Okay, so when we were first engaged, Brian and Tina (Dave's brother) had just celebrated 7 years. I felt like at that time that 7 years was an eternity. I couldn't believe they made it that long and still loved each other. (I was only 18 who had not had any serious relationships when I started dating Dave, what did I know?) Well, now that we are at 7 years and they are at 14, I feel like 14 is an eternity, but 7 feels like a blink of an eye. So, this is us,
4 kids and 7 years later still in love.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We have been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. I love the tan I am starting to get lol. Anyway, here are some pictures from our swimming adventure on Wednesday.

Laycee and Julie
Julie an the babies
Charlie, Laycee and Haylee
Logan loves Gavin
Christian and Trent
Laycee and Haylee
Laycee (charlie took this picture and I really love it!