Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Activities

So that I am able to catch up on pictures this century... I have decided to go ahead and combine a few posts here.  For December, we did a lot of things.  Loni, Mom and I worked on blankets for Loni's kids for Christmas as well as many things needed for the Newborns in Need project our stake has been working on.  One day, we allowed the little kids to make cookies while we worked on bankets.
 Near mid December, we had a family party and we were so lucky to have my dad home from the Middle East.  Here are my parents with all of the grandkids.  Missing from the picture are William, Linzi's stepdaughter and Linzi's baby on the way.  My parents' have passed on a great legacy to many children!
 My children were thankful to get money from GG Bink-Wink for christmas!!
 Mom and dad gave them a goodie bag filled with Lapsiloopy (or whatever it is) trinkets and Beyblades for the boys. We spent about an hour making NICU beanie snakes and NICU pads, so they were thankful for some toys by this point.
 They had a little time at the wheel of the flight sim with grandpa as the navigator.
 For Christmas Eve, my parents stopped by with some gifts for the children.  Haylee got a popcorn maker. She worked with grandpa to make her first bowl.
 Trent got BB Guns and a Club Penguin membership that he was wanting for a long time.
 Laycee got a barbie waterslide that came with two puppies.  She is obsessed with puppies.  This toy has now become a bath toy after two times of water spread from one sideof the kitchen to the other.  Now, I do not ever have a mess to clean up.
 Logan got a drum set!
The Christmas season was one spent with a lot of anticipation about the new baby and about Dave coming home.  We were so blessed with so much time with family this year and the numerous distractions to help us pass the time.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Laycee and Logan finally finished up their soccer season.  One nice thing about Arizona, it is beautiful weather in the winter time. They played a 6 week season and had a blast. I never expected Laycee to enjoy it.  She didn't love the games as much because she is afraid of the pack.  But Logan loved it.  He was a high scorer.  It turned out to be great fun and now they are set up to try tee ball next!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Fog like this makes me miss Italy.  We rarely see fog like this is Arizona.  And as I woke up to take the children to preschool this morning, I was taken to another time.  I cannot believe so many years have now passed since we have been in Italy. It was the last place I would call home.  As we are settling into a new life with 4 moves behind us since we left Italy 3 years ago, I am beginning to finally feel like we are settling into a new home. I have been so thankful for so many things since we have moved to Arizona.  The children have friends again.  We have an amazing church group.  I am beginning to make friends.  And Dave and I are beginning to look at future life here in Arizona.  I am really thankful that now when I think back on Italy, I miss the people and being there, but now we have a new place to call Home.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


In December, Trent earned his Wolf for Cub Scouts.  He had been working very hard since September when he started scouts.  The goal was to earn his Wolf before the baby came so it would be slightly easier to complete.  Trent did awesome achieving that goal!
 In honor of the Wolves, the boys were offered a chance to "wolf it".

And wolf it he did!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homeowner Party

The beginning of December, our Homeowners Association had a party where they brought in snow.  We were having a girls sleepover since Loni's girls were wanting me to put up their hair like Haylee does for cheerleading, so we all headed over there.

 Brielle and Brooklyn (above) were really hesitant to get out and play but Haylee and Laycee were so ready (below).

 Once they all got out there, they had a blast though!
 Afterward, we took a hay ride around the neighborhood lights and Santa was taking pictures!
 There were some really neat looking houses.
It was the perfect activity for a girls night out and it was followed by some frozen yogurt!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December Cheer Performance

After many attempts, I finally got video of one of her performances.  The sound is really bad, but thats technology for you!  Anyway, Hope you all enjoy watching what Haylee works so hard on each week!!  In the beginning, she is the one that moves when they are ready.  She spends some time on the left and some on the right so it is near impossible to follow her the whole time. Sorry!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Belly Pictures

 37 Weeks

 38 Weeks

39 Weeks

I know, the anticipation is killing you all!!  Don't worry, I have baby pictures coming!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Unfortunately, my children have had to undergo a lot of dental work lately.  I think we practice good hygeine, brushing 2 times a day and I floss for them 3 times a week.  Yet somehow, they all have bad teeth.  Well, Logan went in for his cavity fillings recently and poor boy came out the next day with a horrible wound!  I felt so bad for him as the days passed and his mouth very slowly healed.  Good thing though... it did eventually heal, just in time for round two!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I realize that I am several weeks behind and the pictures everyone really wants to see are of the past few weeks.  But... I am methodical and I hate skipping around because then I lose track of what I have blogged.  My plan is to make these into family books to pass down for generations as a journal, so skipping around too much isn't what I like doing.  Anyway, I couldn't help but take these pictures!

It is rare I get glimpses of "twin" moments anymore.  So this was a fun day for me.  I love to watch as these two have grown together and how well they play with one another.  They are so fun. Looking back, I can't believe they are getting so big!  A few weeks away and they will be 5 and a few short months until they are off for kindergarten!  What a sad thing for me to watch as my babies have just grown up without me realizing it.  I hope as they continue to grow, they continue to be the friends they are right now.