Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After 6 Hours

Well, this is the first internet connection I have had in days. So, I wanted to catch everyone up as to where I have been. Last Tuesday we shipped our final shipment of goods. Wednesday, we cleaned. I mentioned that Laycee was pretty sick, so Thursday we took her to the doctor. We got there at 830 and left for the hospital at 3. She has too many things going on which caused some problems. Throwing up caused a cough which contributed to the fever which indicated a urine infection which was complicated by dehydration that resulted in acidosis (the pH of her blood was off, come to find out is what happened when she got RSV and nearly died earlier in her life)... So, we went to the hospital and spent the night. Meanwhile, Dave was cleaning. Had a friend come over to pick up Haylee and she got stuck in the muddy backyard. Took him an hour and 2 other guys to get her out. And what does she say? Thank you, but you broke my car! Yeah, he was mad. The next day, it was assumed that after lots of IV fluids and two rounds of IV antibiotics, Laycee should be released, but when the doctor did the final exam, she was not so sure. Thankfully, she called the american doctors and asked what they wanted to do, and they said I could go home as long as I promised to follow up the next day and get the oral antibiotic. I was taking it. Got home, and cleaned.... and cleaned... and cleaned until Monday morning. Laycee got put on a preventative urine infection medication and we got our government stuff picked up. The landlord came in the afternoon, and THANKFULLY didn't charge us too much for the damages. And we made it to the hotel! Sigh, it was a long and nerve wracking week but it is over. Now we are almost done here. We are ready for a vacation. The only thing left to stress about now... our final utilities bill! Dang, utilities are EXPENSIVE here! Thankfully, I didn't fall over dead when Dave told me becuase I had such a wonderful morning with my friends here. So... thats our life. I am off to relax a few more minutes. CIAO

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!

The 10th was my birthday. I am now 26! Getting on the old side I would say. So, we started out by making breakfast. We all helped.

We stopped my Taylor's game for a little bit before I went off to a baby shower.

When I got back, the kids were napping, but when they woke up, they all had a surprise for me. Ballons!

Oh wait, I was told there was more. They all got me a card.

And a cake! So nicely decorated by them.

Here is my assortment of cards. I loved them so much.

I love that Haylee writes so well now!
Laycee and Logan enjoyed the cake and they also bought my Cheer Squad to play on their DS.

And this was the best treat of all. Chinese. This is the only chinese we have ever had here. Okay, I know the restaurant is like 5 minutes from out house, but we assumed it would open at 7 like everything else here. But surprise! It opens at 530. And it was pretty good!

All in all it was a great birthday!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Our movers have come and gone. The bulk of our stuff left on the 8th and 9th. I have to admit that these guys were quick and efficient, so we were lucky to only have two half days of packing. Coming over here, there were two full days, so this was so nice.

But it was sad to see our house so empty and we thought it was cold before, now it is really cold. The first day after the movers came, Laycee come running into the house and stops. Just stops and looks around completely confused. Thankfully, my birthday was the next day so we filled the house with balloons, their new favorite toy.
They are now in pack in plays.

Haylee and Trent's air mattress. Thanks Julie!

The next morning, Logan didn't want to sit down to eat, so Laycee fed him instead.
Today they take away the rest of our stuff. We are now living out of suitcases. We still have some of the government furniture, so we are without everything. Just almost everything. So, I wanted to update the blog before they take all my pictures away. We move into the hotel on the 26th, so we are almost out of here... what does this week hold? A whole bunch of cleaning!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Body Jam

Today was the Body Jam launch! Below is pictured the girls who made it through the whole class. We started with 7-8 people, but several left half way through. We were excited to have this many!
Here is me and Amanda all cute and sweaty after the class. I love the outfits she picked for us. We look so JAM!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jaron's birthday

Laycee and Logan went to Jaron's 2nd birthday party on Wednesday. Nancy did a great job with everything and the perfect amount of activities for a bunch of toddlers. Logan loved the balloons (boons) the most and Laycee was not much into mingling, but she was happy to get a sucker. Thanks for inviting us Nancy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That Time Again

Well it is time again for the quarterly release of our new Les Mills classes. And once again, I have been trying to practice as much as possible. The move has made practicing a lot more difficult, but I love the Launches. The launches at our gym bring out the best of our classes. I wanted to be part of that once more before i leave here. So, this week, I won't blog much becuase I will be getting in all the extra practice I can. On youtube.com, I found a few videos of releases. The first is Body Jam 47. I have found that I LOVE Body Jam becuase it is so relaxed and just a class to go, hang out, and dance. I don't have to instruct perfectly and the class doesn't have to dance perfectly. So, here is the last track of the class.

This release, I feel like I have kind of tried to fool myself. I have always loved Body Combat, but as I focused on Body Jam, I felt like Jam was more me. It was a class designed for someone like me. But everytime I do Body Combat there is no denying that my heart will always belong in that class. Combat is so empowering and calming. I just LOVE it. Combat will always be my favorite. Below I have a video of the intro to the release. I couldn't find one that showed a class, so this is as good as it gets.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dennis and Lynda

Here is a shout out to Dennis and Lynda lol. Sorry, your presents didn't make it in time for Christmas (or the APO didn't get to them) but they got here two days after. The kids were so thrilled, especially Logan. Good thing his birthday is coming around soon. He has found a new love of opening presents. So, I wanted to say thank you (delayed of course) and let you see a little bit of them opening. And sorry to the rest of you who sent presents, but didn't get an individual post. Theirs was easy because it was on a separate day... and I hate to cop out, but we have been busy. Once again, thank you to everyone!

Hopefully the video will work today.

(I guess not.. to everyone, our internet has been touchy these days and it appears that I can't upload ANY videos, so be on the lookout in a few months to actually SEE haylee's dance recital and Laycee and Logan signing!)

Oh how they grow (literally)

The new year has come and gone and we are once again nearing the birthday of the twins. This year I have been working on no longer calling them the babies, and the twins just sounds off to me. I don't think of them as twins. I only think of them as my two kids. I don't know. But they have really grown from barely crawling and nothing but crying, to running, jumping, talking, and signing. And recently they were weighed and measure. This is what this post is really about. Laycee weighed 1 lb more than Logan AND she was a whole 2 (yes 2) inches taller than him!! She has always been slightly bigger than him, but it is so noticably different now. You can see in the pics below that he has to reach up to give her kisses and he is much shorter than her as they pose with dad.

So sweet!


My how big they are getting every day now.

Dance Recital

Haylee had her winter dance recital on the 16th of December. She did so good. She is now in Ballet 1 and I am so proud of the progress she has made. She is the one in the orange bow. So, here is her class.
We did a little posing before the recital.
And a little falling lol

But she got it.

Doesn't she look like a professional?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Photos

Well I am sure you all have noticed that I have not blogged in some time. Not that I don't have pictures to blog. Not that I don't want to blog. Not that I don't have thoughts to even blog. But, my time has been limited. The holidays were wonderful. New Years was great. And we have been thrown right back into real life. Movers come tomorrow and I have been in a frienzy to separate what we are shipping by boat, air, and garbage. It has been a process. I am greatful I did both the kids rooms before the holidays. The playroom was a distaster and there was mold everywhere. Oh i hated cleaning it. So, with one room left, I figured I had a few minutes to blog on our big monitor (aka the TV) before it gets taken away tomorrow. So, I will try to get as much in as possible. And then blogging with be really spotty for the next few months. This month might still be okay, but then we will be off to AZ to see most of you anyway. And then we will be heading to our new home. So... here are a few random pictures that I didn't really know how to blog. We had Grace and Freeman visiting on Christmas Sunday, so there are pictures of Freeman too.
A rare, lets chill next to each other on the couch and watch Signing Time (their new fav, and post to come)

Dave got one really good picture of the two of them. Laycee never smiles either, so this was a real treat.

Logan even posed with Trent.

The Boys.

Trent, 5

Logan, 22 m

Haylee, 6

Laycee hated posing with Haylee.

Laycee 22m