Saturday, September 11, 2010


Another thing Dave wanted to do while he was home was go to a Diamondbacks game. He is loyal to Arizona sports. We got there a bit early so we wouldn't have to fight the traffic and parking to get downtown.
Luis Gonzalez was having his number retired so they had a ceremony for him
Laycee loved having her pom pom in her hair.
Those two chillin.
We are so fun!
Dear sweet Laycee, I know you love me.
Haylee got the shirt there that night, and she had to put it on right away.
I am thankful Chase field is an indoor stadium because it is hot even when they have the AC running.
The retired numbers
Peace out!
I was the picture taker and Trent was sitting on the other side of Dave, so I suppose I missed all the pictures of him. I was impressed by the children's patience during the game. I think they all really loved it and again, it was something they have not done since they were babies (or at all). It was an enjoyable evening.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Drive Ins

Dave really wanted to go to the drive-in while he was home. So one night, we went over to the drive in. It was a double feature, but we only stayed for one movie. We are getting so old. The kids thought it was great fun, until they passed out of course. However, I have some advice for all those Arizonians out there... do not go to the drive in, unless you intend on sitting in your AC car. That was my only complaint is even at 11 pm, it was super hot. But it was fun and so neat for the kids to experience the drive-ins!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amazing Jakes

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So Logan and Haylee's date were kind of a family date. We went to Amazing Jake's which is amazing in Arizona. It is an indoor arcade, buffet, lazer tag, putt putt golf, bowling alley, go kart racing kind of place. It has so much to do. So Haylee wanted to go bowling with Dave and Logan wanted to go golfing. So we took Kevin along and while we were there, Dave took Haylee bowling and Logan golfing. We played for hours and had so much fun.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Build A Bear

Dave had a goal of taking all of the children on a "date" or outing with him while he was home. Its hard to squeeze four kids alone time in when there is so much more going on in 16 days. But he started with Laycee. She wanted to go to Build A Bear Workshop.
She picked an adorable pink bear and put a heart in the bear. She still tells us that the bear has a heart.

She picked out a cheerleading outfit.
Named her Yukimomo (after my mom's dogs)
And she walked out with her bear packed up and her hand in daddy's in adoration of the time she got to spend with him.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Haylee's Baptism

We scheduled Haylee's baptism for July 31st. My dad was heading back to the Middle East the next day and we were all just praying that Dave would make it home in time. Thankfully Dave made it and the evening was so special for Haylee.

Here we are gathered together as a family.
All set before the evening began.
It was so special to watch as Haylee made the choice to be baptised. I was worried as it grew closer to time that she didn't know the full scope of the choice she was making. But as she sat in her interview, I was amazed at what she knew and understood. It was so special to have Dave here to baptize her. It was a true blessing to have my Dad there and Dave home at the same time so we could all be there to participate and support Haylee.