Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trent's 8th Birthday

Trent turned 8... well two months ago! But it is a special birthday in our home. So this year he picked to go to Chuck E Cheese. Here he is at age 8.

His Birthday Cake
He was presented with a lot of awards. And bonus... it was a midweek birthday, so he was the only one having a party that day. He got Chuck E all to himself!

Here are the party guests.

This was Trent's favorite part. He loved stuffing those tickets into his shirt so he could see how much he won!

It was such a fun birthday. This was the first time I have paid for a party at Chuck E Cheese and it was really neat. They took care of everything for me. The kids really had a great time. When Dave returns home, Trent will be baptized, but in the mean time, we celebrated his 8th birthday with as much fun as possible!! Happy Birthday Trent!!!