Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts

The beginning of March Trent started a mini martial arts class. I blogged the pictures of it a few weeks ago, but here is some live footage of his conquests!

I am not much of one for agression and I don't let the kids rough house too often. When they do, it is generally called "daddy time" becuase Dave gets in on it. I give them 15 minutes while I am in the other room and then it is done lol. I know, bad mothering but I just can't handle it. So this seems to be a perfect place for him to get out his aggression while Dave is gone. He seems to like this over traditional sports as well... so we will see what the future holds for him.


Kevin said...

If he ever does UFC, I want a cut of that since I helped 'discover' him.