Saturday, May 10, 2014

Starting Over

This school year is almost over.  My hope is that this summer I can catch up on some blogging.  We have missed many of the firsts of this school year, but here are some of the middles.

Haylee ran for Tresurer.  She had an awesome speech.  She didn't win, but I was thankful that my brother Kevin and his with Hailey came out and helped Haylee make her posters.

I took a picture of my name on the board.  This is soon after I started working and it was weird to see my name as the teacher!
 Yes that plant was from our garden.  Our zuchinni got HUGE this year.  Here he is holding up just ONE of the plants.  
 And these are just cute.
 He doesn't play the computer but he likes to pretend.