Sunday, February 22, 2009

Burger King

Just before we left, we were out and ran into a few friends. So, we went to burger king. Jaron, Emily, Laycee and Logan totally loved the kids meals and king hats. And Michelle, Julie, Nancy, and I were even more excited to spend some grown up time chatting with one another.


Nancy said...

We went to burger king the other day and Jaron was looking for Logan and Laycee. It's sad to tell him that they went to America on an airplane and they're not coming back. I wonder what his perception of "America" is... first Gracie never game back, now Logan & Laycee. I wonder if he'll be scared to go on an airplane to America someday! Yikes!

Angela said...

I miss Burger King, and how we always went after storytime. Liam is still a BK fan, he does not like McDonalds at all.