Monday, February 23, 2009

Purses and more Purses

Of course, what is one of the last things you do in Italy? It is definitely go purse and shoe shopping. And so, that is what Julie and I did. We loved being able to buy new boots and purses. Laycee also loved purse shopping. So, she of course picked a gold Paris Hilton purse that was so overly priced but super cute for her to try on.

Logan saw that I was taking pictures of Laycee and of course he couldn't resist getting in on it, so he picked out a purse too.

He also really liked Dancing around in the store.

It was so fun shopping and I got 1 purse and 3 new pairs of shoes. We LOVED it.


7 of Us said...

We hope you made it safely to WA. We had such a great time with you in AZ. Your children are so precious and we look forward to seeing them again soon!!

Mandi said...

So.... I want to see the purse and shoes!!

Julie said...

Hey thanks for a great day. I miss you guys.