Thursday, December 17, 2009

advent calendar

This yes instead of buying a calendar that has one piece of candy that my children have to share, or making one for each filled with candy, I saw this idea online. Ok, it didn't turn out exactly as I intended it to from the start and had I known we were doing a tree in the end, I would have chose different paper, but this is my creativty at its best lol. So, instead I cut 3x3 squares. Haylee and Trent helped me fold them in half and I finished the folding and glueing. It was a great project for us to do together. And instead of candy that I would be tempted with, nor do I think children need candy every day, we put for gummy vitamins in each day so they each get a vitamin instead! I love it and I think next year I will make one out of wood and fabric so we can use it from year to year now.


Nancy said...

I love the gummy vitamin idea. You're brilliant!