Monday, July 15, 2013

Life in All Its Randomness

Here is life in all of it's randomness.  I am hoping to one day get caught up on here.  I would love to blog on life now.  I would love to outlet the joys and frustrations that so many of my friends post so elegantly.  Yet, here I am stuck in the past.  Wonder if that is a metaphor for my life right now?  It totally is.  But, on the plus side, here are some more fun pictures of the kids.
William going down the slide by himself back in March!  14 months old

 Oh another round of pink eye.  This past winter was a really bad one for us.  We had changed our diets over the fall and I think that come winter, our bodies were just a bit overwhelmed with the changes from the fall.  Or maybe it was just a bad winter.  But someone was sick in our house from October until April.  As luck would have it, we didn't have health insurance so we just had to fight it out.  Thankfully, (if you can count this as thankful) Logan and Laycee get pink eye often enough that I had medicine for that.  Each of the children missed about 7 days of school over the winter.  It was horrible.  BUT, we have had a very healthy summer!  

Our sweet William once again (14 months) eating with a fork.  He amazes me everyday