Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phoenix Marathon

March 2, 2013

It was a special day.  Dave completed his first marathon.  Here he is on the bus heading to the start line.

This is the start of the 10k location.  I ran my first 10k.  I have ran many races, but this was the first 10k.

I think he looks pretty darn good for having just ran 26.2 miles!!

So I ran my race and then rush a few miles up the road to meet my sister in law (who had these three kids) and to see Dave at mile 18.  However, Dave WAY overestimated his time and we missed him by 30 minutes!  The kids had to get back to the race finish line for their 1k race, so we left.  Unfortunately when we FINALLY got back to the finish line, it was time for the kids race... which HAPPENED to be when Dave was crossing the finish line.  We missed him.  I was in a panic wondering if he was ok and if he had finished.  We saw people passing out and people falling over.  I was so anxious.  Thankfully once the children finished their race, we were able to re-enter the racers area and I found Dave!  He is so behind the times and he doesn't run with anything... no phones, no music, no water.  He does run with nourishment though.

How did he do?  Well this was his worst blister.  He said he has no desire to run a marathon again given that it was "kind of a let down".  He said he didn't feel like he accomplished anything special lol. He finished in 4 hr 56 min.  He was AWESOME.
Running season is around the corner and I can't wait to see what we accomplish this season!!