Monday, May 12, 2014

New transportation, new chair, new friends and new messes

Soon after I started teaching full time, we discovered the need for two forms of transportation.  Dave was going to school and working two jobs and then I was working full time and we couldn't work it out anymore.  However, we also couldn't afford a new car.  So, we bought a 300 cc scooter.  Dave was a little nervous about it at first but he soon became comfortable on it.  It drives fast enough for the freeway and he wears his protective gear.
This is cute William with his new chair.

It has been a while since we have had friends.  While Dave was gone, I was overwhelmed with taking care of the kids that I didn't venture out much.  When Dave came home, that got a bit easier.  So we hosted a Luau Murder Mystery night.  It was so fun!

And here is my green smoothie detox drink... that apparently got too big for the blender.  Yuck that mess was!