Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5k- Saturday

This past Saturday was the monthly post fun walk/run 5K race. This month Julie convinced me to run it so I did. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures as a result, but Julie, Pam, and Nancy walked with the kids and helped me catch a few photos of the race. I was happy to finish at 32 min 7 sec. Haylee finished at 52 minutes. Trent kind of played jump ahead on the second lap, so he finished in 38 minutes. BUt I was proud of him because he ran almost the whole first lap (so 2.5 K).

Me Running (above)

Trent and Bob running (below)

Trents new tee from the race

Haylee's finish
Laycee's favorite thing about the race (bananas)
Logan's lovin them too
After the race, we went to have a picnic. We have made a monthly branch activity out of these races since the branch is so small and almost everyone comes because there is nothing else to do on post. Anyway, at the picnic, Jaron and Logan really got into sharing!


The Older 2 Fozzies said...

Way to go Lexi. I am so proud that you ran the whole way. Keep it up and maybe you and Linzi could run a marathan.

Julie said...

Hey thanks for another fun day.