Friday, April 18, 2008

Breakfast-- Crafts

This morning, Julie, Taylor, Gavin, Charlie, Jessie, Nancy, and Jaron (basically the husband less families) came over to have breakfast and watch Juno. While Juno was downloading, we jammed out to a little Guitar Hero 3 at which Nancy ROCKED!

This is Jessie and Haylee in their PJs.
And then this afternoon, I felt like finally getting around to this project. This is what they looked like before.
And this is after. I am debating whether I want to go to the hassle of doing the letters or not though. (They are still drying here, so when I put them on the wall I will post another picture, but I have to find the hammer first.)


The Older 2 Fozzies said...

Juno, was so funny that we watched it two nights in a row, with Joe and Lynnae.

Fosburgh Family said...

These look great!!!! You are so amazing 4 kids and projects!!!

Nancy said...

I failed to mention to Aaron yesterday that I played the Wii. I'm such a hypocrite. Oh well, it was so much fun! Thanks for having us over. Hanging out with you guys keeps me going.