Monday, April 21, 2008


The other night Amanda was craving sushi (she is 36 weeks preggo, so she can do that). She knew we really liked it, so she came over and she showed me how to make sushi. It was so good. We made it with avacado, cucumber, and crab and all the different combinations of each.
Logan wouldn't even try it.
Laycee ate one half of one but after that wouldn't even open her mouth for more.
And of course Haylee (Not pictured) loved it. She really likes sushi. Trent wouldn't eat any, but he did have the stomach flu, so that is understandable. It turned out so good that I went to buy supplies to make it on my own the next day. Can you guess what is for dinner tonight?


Pottruffs said...

If I can ask..... My friend and I try to make these and they always fall apart. Can you give me an idea of what we could be doing wrong. We steam the seaweed and roll them up, but they fall apart. How do you make them so thick and stay together???

Loni West said...

those look good, are they hard to make?

The Older 2 Fozzies said...

Good job, lexi. You are ready for Japan now. We ate the Sushi bar just the other night. I also taught Lynnae how to make rice balls which is similar to sushi.

Kevin W. Fosburgh said...

preggo? Have you been watching Juno? If not, you need to, it is the BEST movie ever invented. It's corky like Napoleon Dynamite, but not as dumb.