Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baseball- Thursday and Friday

Haylee and Trent had a baseball game on Thursday and Friday. Thursday's game was Trent's second game of the season. I forgot the camera on the first game. He did a pretty good job. The kids are not really sure what is going on, but Trent is serious and focused and seems to have a lot of fun.

Haylee's game was on Friday. This was her first game since last weeks got rained out. It has been raining so much here. I think we have had less than 5 days of sun in the last month. Anyway, her age group seems to get the hang of the game, but there are so many kids playing that they all have to fight for the ball and we all know she likes the action. We were early to the game, so we walked over to Nancy's house and played for a while first.

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The Older 2 Fozzies said...

Good job at baseball. It rains everyday here too.

Kfos said...

I love the stats you did for trent, it made me laugh like hardcore.

I'm going to make the same plea to you as I did lynnae, if and when trent makes it to the MLB, make sure there multi-million dollar contracts remember their favorite uncle.

Loni said...

hey that little car that you can push is pretty neat! i'll bet the twins love those

Angela said...

looks like a lot of fun! you guys sure are busy.

Angela said...

looks like a lot of fun! you guys sure are busy.