Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trent

Today, Trent turns 7. When I think of Trent, I think back to my 6 week checkup with Haylee telling the OB that I would not be having children for a while. On the way home, Dave said, really? Don't you want another. Sure enough, 11 months after that appointment, Trent was born.
His original due date was July 4th. That quickly turned into July 13th after his first ultrasound. I wonder if he was prone to being skinny even in the womb. I went into labor at 35 weeks and they stopped the labor. I was mad about that since it was just the ultrasound that made the change. But now 7 years later, a few weeks seems so insignificant.
His first consistent phrase was "I love my daddy first". He has always had a special bond with Dave. This is the present that just came in the mail for him from Dave. He waited and looked out the window by the front door everyday until it came. He was so excited to be receiving something from Dave.
Trent is a sweet boy. Him and I do not think the same nor do I often understand a lot of what he does. But neither do Dave and I. He is so much like his daddy. He is compassionate and helpful. Quiet and passive. He loves electronics and hates chores. He is so easy to please and strives to make us happy. He is struggling now since Dave has been gone for 9 months, but he has been so brave and tried so hard to be himself. I love Trent.
Happy Birthday Bud!