Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4th of July Fireworks

The morning of the 4th, Dave's family had a little get together (well I say little, nothing is little in their family) and we were able to play games. And then in the afternoon, we headed over to Schneph Farms for fireworks. This location is really actually close to our house, but I like to be up close and personal with fireworks. We were always lucky as children to go see the fireworks and I want to share those memories with my children. This year I have to admit, I wasn't really up to it. I was tired, still having morning sickness (which was evening sickness for me) and there was a horrible storm brewing, but I found the energy to take the kids over there anyway.

Here is Logan with his serious face before he starts his dancing! I have a video but we will see if I can get it to upload.

And Laycee was dancing too.

You can see here as the storm started coming it. That is all dust. AZ is horrible for storms because we will get these dust storms with no rain which leaves the next day even more hot and humid. We were worried the event would be cancelled.

We were lucky though and the show went on. After, thousands of people rushed to their cars to get out of there before the storm really took hold of us all. And I was lucky to make it. I was thankful we were able to go and enjoy our time and that the weather held off for a little while longer.