Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Linzi's Visit

The beginning of July, my sister Linzi came over from TX for a short visit. Of course, when she showed up, she ran off to San Diego with Haylee and Brooklyn. But thats ok because Lynnae and I did a children swap and I had the boys have a sleepover and she took Laycee for a sleepover. Anyway, when Linzi got back with some very tired girls who spent too much time at Sea World and WAY too much time in the sun, we had a little get together. Her step daughter had brought along some sparklers for all of the kids to do that night.

My two men. I love them

Laycee was ok with these but Haylee of course loved them. Haylee loves all things new and adventerous.

It was so fun to see Linzi since we dont see her often. And Haylee loved her time in San Diego with the girls. It was a great visit and perfect way to pass a little summer time.