Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ok so I have been kind of at a standstill with blogging. My days seem to be endlessly long and when I sit down in the evening, it is time to talk to Dave. When I am done talking to him, I look at the pictures that need to be blogged and suddenly feel overwhelmed by the task I have so unsuccessfully kept up on. Sometimes I sit in amazement how when Laycee and Logan were babies, yes babies, I found the time to blog and track their every move. And yet here I am with more "time" than ever and somehow the task is too daunting. Well this morning, I have a little free time. So we will see if I can get a little blogging done. Oh be prepared for some serious back dating and one of these days I hope to catch up. I would love to blog about my thoughts and pictures that are happening in the present. So, way back in June, we had some visitors. Julie, Charlie, Gavin and Jessie stopped by. They are some of our fondest friends from Italy and now it has been YEARS since we have seen them. They were coming through the area, so it was exciting to have them visit.

Our house was not yet unpacked, but we were at least able to have enough stuff and room to accomidate them. It was so fun to spend some time with old friends and catch up on life. It is amazing how time changes. I have noticed that a lot lately actually. Since moving back to AZ, we have ran into several people I knew in high school. It is such a weird feeling but then so interesting as well to see how life changes. When you are young, you are so limited in your knowledge of life and life's tracks and yet as you grow, it is intersting to see how everyone is so unique and different. Thanks for stopping by Julie and Kids... we miss you!!