Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hats, hats, hats

Our stake recently started a humanitarian project.  We are making items needed by the Newborn In Need program.  It is a 6 month long project and the first month my sister and I worked on making neck supports for NICU infants.  However, I decided this past month that if I was going to spend 6 months working on a project, I should try to branch out of my basic sewing skills and learn something new.  So last month, I sat down at the hat loom table and asked someone to teach me.  Little did I know, it is super easy!!  The first one took me probably 5-6 hours.  But since then, I can finish one in about 2 hours now.

This is the first hat I completed.  I have even shown Haylee how to do it and we occassionally work on hats together.  It has been so fun learning and practicing this new skill this month, that I am considering trying to learn something new next month!  Haylee and I have made about 7 hats this month and I am really excited.  I have loved this humanitarian project because there is something that everyone of all skills is able to complete.  And it is fun to spend some of my free time serving through making these needed items at home.  I have really loved this opportunity!