Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rain Gutter Rigada

So these next two or three posts might be a little bit Trent heavy, but October has been a big month for Trent.  He started Cub Scouts in August and has loved it.  We work on a couple achievements each day and he has two things left he needs to do to earn his Wolf.  He just loves it.  Mid Oct was his first Rain Gutter Regada.  I am very thankful for a couple in the ward who saw my need and really took Trent under their wings for this project.  The month had got away from me and I had not looked at his boat and I was lost as to how to even remotely build this thing.  I mentioned in passing my overwhelming feelings about some of the scouting tasks when Dave is not here since Trent is my first cub scout.  This couple was more than happy to spend a whole evening helping Trent create a boat he was so proud to race.
 He was all set and ready to race
 He had a rough start because his sail was backwards, so one of the scout leaders helped him get it straight.
 Trent has a very competative heart so that setback definately did not keep him from fighting to the end!
 The tips about how to blow into the straw from Dave were just what he needed.  He came back from behind and won the race.
 He was so excited.
This was a neat experience and a first again for our family.  I am thankful for the scouting program around here because they are so organized and really provide Trent with some of the extra things that I cannot always provide.  Scouting is really something he enjoys and I love it!