Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hair Changes

I have tried posting this several times, but I keep losing it. So maybe it will work out this time. Our internet has been really touchy, so hopefully I can get this to upload finally. One of the first things we did when we got to AZ was head to Vegas lol. But after that, high on my list was a hair cut. Oh it was so gross! So one day, mom and I headed to the mall with Haylee and Laycee to get our hair cut. I wanted layers put into Haylee's hair. I know the before picture is a little ugly, sorry, we were living minimally in the hotel lol. So here is before

And here is after.

Oh how I love it! I don't like it when I dont do it lol, but it is so much easier and better looking now. It only takes about 15 minutes to do my hair now, and for those with little children, those are precious 15 minutes, so I am greatful that it is a quick easy thing to do and I can look great afterwards!

And here is the back. So, I just had to show off my new cut!


Angela said...

you look great! Nothing like a new cut to make you feel better! :-) I also LOVE your glasses!!!!! Keep it up, allow yourself to get a very nice haircut every few months, when mommy feels good, everyone in the house feels good. :-)

Stephanie Walter said...

I second everything your friend Angela said! You look great!

Julie said...

hey, i love it. you look amazing.

Nancy said...

I love it!!!! You look great!

Janan said...

Nothing like a new haircut. you look great!