Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power Tools

We ventured to Home Depot in search of a lawn mower that Dave felt was worthy of his work. I don't know why we took him into consideration since I am the one that is going to be mowing while he is gone. But at the time, it seemed like a man job. Of course, we get to the push mowers and he has his eye on this beauty of a massive mower. He had to try it out. Thankfully, I talked him back into a cheap gas filled mower with a bag lol.


The Jones's said...

Joseph LOVES to mow! He had a huge yard growing up and was responsible for its maintenance, and he has learned to love landscaping and the work it takes. They had these huge riding mowers and I love seeing pictures of him riding them. We will have a yard in our new place, but thankfully we won't have to care for it. With Joseph in school I would be the one who would have to mow it, and that would be difficult with Isabella.

Jessica said...

haha! like brother, like brother. mark always envys the riding mowers. someday maybe we will have a yard big enough for one! ha! that will be the day.