Sunday, December 11, 2011

Turkey Craft

So I saw the least expensive craft on someone's blog when I was looking for a turkey craft to do for the kids.  I felt bad becuase the month of November flew by and I did nothing to celebrate.  That is so unlike me.  Normally, we do crafts all month and prep up for the holidays.  This year has just left me so unlike my normal self. 

 So what is the craft?  You get these paint samples from somewhere...I picked mine up for free at walmart, to use as feathers.  And then you create a turkey.  Haylee's turned out most like the blog picture, butI am not one for telling themto do it a certain way.  I give them the supplies and let them go at it.

Ethan and Rileigh participated as well so here are the finished turkeys.  Laycee (top left) Haylee, Logan (middle left) Trent, Rileigh (bottom left) and Ethans.  It was so much fun for them!