Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well to add to my already busy and exhausting life, we have added soccer to the mix.  Laycee and Logan started soccer a few weeks ago.  This is Laycee's first time playing and I have been surprised but she loves it!  She is not the go getter but she does enjoy playing the game!
 This is Logan's second season of soccer and of course he loves it.  He has waited 4 long painful years before he was able to FINALLY play a sport.  And he loves it.  He is pretty good, although how good can 4 year olds be lol, but he understands the game and how to manuver his body to get the ball where he wants it to go. 

This is their first game.  It was surprisingly a cold day here in AZ and unfortunately I was no prepared.  I had no winter stuff out yet.  But Logan and Laycee had a great time.
The greatest part of the game... the smiles afterwards where they both come running to me, look mom, we got snacks!  That's really what 4 year old sports are about right?