Thursday, June 18, 2009


I couldn't resist starting off this post with her adorable smile.
I suppose if you follow me on facebook, you already heard the news... but here is proof. I did it. I switched the kids into toddler beds. They didn't crawl out of their cribs yet and they couldn't get out to pee. I never in a million years figured that I would switch them before they crawled out, but since they are doing so good on potty training, I figured it was time.
Logan does an amazing job with his. He stays in it for naps always and usually gets up once (with Trent's help) at bed time to pee. He is really good.

Laycee, on the other hand, has been a battle. In fact, she doesn't even sleep in it anymore lol. I gave her 2 days but she was constantly getting up. So I put the crib back together, but then she was screaming that she had to pee. So, I took it back apart and decided that I would try a different approach. I put her in a diaper at night and it has really cut down on how many times she gets up. BUT, she doesn't want to sleep alone, so I put her to bed, she gets up once to pee after I put her to bed and then crawls in bed with Haylee. They are like two peas in a pods since they started sleeping together. Since Haylee doesnt' complain, I figured it was ok.


Stephanie Walter said...

First off, yes- her smile is WAY cute! Such a nice welcome to your page this morning! :) Secondly- kudos to you for not losing your mind yet with this potty training! You are a very dedicated Momma! When I decide to take the plunge (no pun intended...plunger...nevermind) with Ben, I might need to call you for support! You go girl! You're doing a great job!